Physical Therapist Professional Liability Insurance

Physical therapists are dedicated to helping their clients recover from life-altering events. Whether a disease caused a child to become partially paralyzed or a skiing accident caused a man to break his arm, your job is to help them overcome and adapt to the changes in their body. Your customers trust you to help them regain full mobility or make the best of their new situation. If you make a professional mistake, you can actually cause more harm to your customers in the end. That’s why it’s important for you to protect yourself with physical therapists professional liability insurance.

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Physical therapists professional liability insurance is another name for Malpractice Insurance. This insurance is specifically designed to help you both legally and financially if you are ever accused of making a professional mistake. Whether you make a mistake or not, when customers file a lawsuit against you with allegations of such then you must spend time and money addressing those claims.

For example, what happens if one of your patients files a lawsuit against you claiming that you made an error when planning his physical therapy recovery schedule. And because of that error, you caused him to further injure muscles, tendons or joints that were not yet ready. Whether there was an actual mistake on your part or not doesn’t matter. When a patient files a lawsuit of this sort you will have to address the problems. Without Malpractice insurance, you may have to handle the added expenses all on your own.

With the right level of coverage on your physical therapists professional liability policy, your insurance protection can pay for your legal expenses instead. It can also pay you for lost income when you have to be away from work to answer the legal claims. When applicable, your liability coverage also pays for your patient’s damages, injuries, settlements or other awards.