Workers Compensation Insurance for Flooring Contractors

Medical Care

Law requires you to hold workers compensation for your flooring contractor business when you have employees. It protects you in the event that one of your workers is hurt while working for you. This could occur in your office or in a customer’s home where flooring is being installed. That worker may need first aid, a hospital visit, care from a physician, rehabilitation, dental care, prescriptions, diagnostics, and more. The costs can really pile up and your insurance keeps you from losing your business to them.

First Aid Treatment

Minor injuries are likely common when you have people putting in flooring. Often, these require only minor, one-time first aid treatment, which is inexpensive. In some states, you are allowed to pay for this first aid by yourself or through your business, rather than making a claim on your flooring contractor workers compensation. Making a claim may end up being more of a hassle and costing you more than simply paying for the first aid.

Temporary Disability

If an injury on the job is more serious and requires more than simple first aid treatment, your worker may be entitled to temporary disability. This coverage from workers compensation for your flooring contractor business can pay the costs of lost wages. A physician must validate it, but if your employee cannot return to work after three days, this coverage kicks in. The benefits of temporary disability typically pay your injured worker two-thirds of their salary as long as they are unable to work, up to a maximum. The maximum length of these benefits is determined by workers compensation law and is currently two years for most situations. For some injuries, four years is the maximum.

Permanent Disability

When your employee is hurt more seriously or acquires a very serious illness from working on the job, they may not be able to return to work at all. If a physician determines that this is the case, your worker can get permanent disability through your flooring contractor workers compensation business insurance. The amount of compensation that this permanently disabled worker is entitled to is calculated based on workers comp law. The calculation takes into account factors such as the date of the injury, the extent of the resulting disability, the age of the worker, and the worker’s ability to earn a wage at any job. The employee may receive the compensation payments in installments or in a lump sum.

Death Benefits

In the most serious of cases, one of your employee’s may die at work or as the result of an accident suffered on the job. The workers compensation for your flooring contractor business will pay reasonable fees for a burial service. It will also provide payments for the deceased’s dependents. The amount that they are entitled to receive varies and is contingent on the level of their dependency and how many there are.