Professional Liability Insurance for Travel Agents

Travel agents and tour operators have an exciting, action-filled business. Your company lets you travel to a variety of places anytime you’d like, and you get to meet many different types of people along the way. Your clients and customers trust you to keep them safe when they visit faraway places, but sometimes accidents happen. If those accidents are claimed to be caused by a professional mistake you’ve made, make sure you have help in the form of travel agents and tour operators professional liability insurance.

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Travel agents and tour operators professional liability coverage is a form of insurance that is commonly known as errors and omissions, or E&O. This insurance is meant to protect you both legally and financially if you are alleged to have made professional mistakes that bring physical harm to your customers, or that cause them financial losses.

If, for example, you arrange a special bus tour of the American-Mexican border in Arizona, you are responsible for a number of actions that should keep your customers safe on the tour. If a customer sues your company later, with claims that you made a mistake that caused them to suffer a heat stroke, your company must respond to that claim. If you do not have travel agents and tour operators professional liability insurance, you will pay for the litigation expenses and associated costs out of company funds.

When you protect yourself with the right level of travel agents and tour operators professional liability insurance, your policy will pay for the cost of your legal defense when claims arise. It will also pay you for losses in income when you must spend time away addressing the legal issues. When applicable, this insurance also pays for your customer’s damages, injuries or settlements.