Tile and Marble Installer Liability Insurance

Tile installer insurance is designed to help lesson or eliminate certain risks that come with operating a business. Solo tile installation contractors and companies who have multiple people on staff face these same risks as a part of doing business with the general public. People can be physically hurt in a wide variety of ways, and personal property can become damaged in the course of your installation activities. Tile and marble installer liability insurance provides you with legal protection, so that you’re able to defend yourself when lawsuits arise, and it provides you with financial protection if you’re found to be responsible for the injuries or damages alleged.

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Bodily Injury Coverage

Marble installer insurance ensures that your company is able to weather events when a person gets physically injured at your location. Bodily injuries may occur at your offices, warehouses, storage locations, or at the installation sites themselves. Anywhere the general public might access your work area, there is a risk that someone will be injured. Tile installer general liability insurance helps you with the costs associated with these types of injuries, whether paying for you to defend yourself in court or paying for the injured person’s medical care when legally ordered to.

Property Damage Coverage

Tile and marble installer liability insurance also provides a way for your company to be protected if personal property gets damaged. Whether an employee is accused of chipping a valuable vase during the installation process, or the customer simply notices new damage and associates it with your presence, he may file a lawsuit against your company. Marble installer general liability insurance protects you when those lawsuits arise, and pays for repairs or replacements if you’re found to have caused the damages.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

Tile installer insurance includes coverage for work operations that have been previously completed, and products that have been previously sold. If a customer discovers property damages after your work has been finished, they may associate those damages with your services. Tile installer general liability insurance will help you to defend yourself against such allegations, and will pay for the damages or repairs if you are found to have caused them.

Personal And Advertising Injury

Marble installer insurance reduces the risks your company may have in advertising and with personal interactions. Advertising injury lawsuits may be filed if a competitor believes you used their trademark without authorization. Personal injury lawsuits often stem from accusations of libel or slander against another person. Tile installer general liability insurance provides coverage for these events.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

Tile installer insurance provides measures of protection when you lease or rent the property you use for conducting business. If the property is damaged, such as when a fire occurs, marble installer general liability insurance will pay for the repairs or replacements.

Medical Expense Limit

Marble installer insurance provides you with the means to help avoid expensive legal proceedings and settlements when a person is injured. Whether your company is actually to blame for the injury, the medical expense limit portion of your marble installer general liability insurance allows you to offer payment when the injuries are minor.

Limits Of Liability Insurance For Tile And Marble Installers

Tile and marble installer liability insurance limits the benefit payouts on a per occurrence and a total combined basis. These are known as each occurrence and general aggregate respectively.