Publisher Professional Liability Insurance

Publishers have very busy schedules and a lot of people they’re responsible to. If you publish books, you must juggle one or more authors, agents, editors and designers. Then there is the marketing team, the printer and binder and many more. Magazine publishers have just as many people and responsibilities to keep track of. The pace can be hectic and the responsibilities heavy. Making a mistake can cost someone in money, time, reputation or more. That’s why you need to protect yourself and your company by carrying publishers professional liability insurance.

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Publishers professional liability insurance is another name for errors and omissions coverage, or E&O. This insurance is specifically designed to help when you make a professional mistake that harms a customer or client. Professional liability also helps protect you from suffering severe financial losses when lawsuits are brought against you even though you’re not responsible for the alleged mistakes.

For example, if an author claims that you cost them tens of thousands of dollars in lost royalties because you failed to submit their manuscript to the printer on time, they may sue your company for restitution. Whether you actually made a professional mistake or not, you will spend time and money paying for your litigation expenses to defend yourself. And that’s where publishers professional liability insurance can be so helpful.

With publishers professional liability insurance, you are not left paying enormous amounts of money for legal defenses even when you’re not at fault for something. Professional liability can pay for the your legal fees instead. It can also pay for your income losses due to time off work while handling the lawsuit, and when applicable it will pay settlements or court-ordered judgments to your customers.