Protecting Plumbing Contractors From Lawsuits

If you work in the plumbing industry, you are in a world that is full of the potential for lawsuits.

Consider the following:

  • In Ontario, Canada, a plumber was sued for installing an improper toilet part. However, the person bringing the lawsuit tampered with the part which caused it to break. Despite that, the individual is saying the plumber is at fault.
  • A Washington DC plumbing contractor settled out of court for a scalding injury suit against his firm. The lawsuit was for $15 million.
  • Consumers in Las Vegas have filed a stream of lawsuits against the maker of Kitec brass plumbing fittings. The fittings were exposed to the mineral-rich water from the Colorado River which deteriorated and corroded the brass.

The point is that you never know if, when, why or what kind of lawsuit might be filed against you. You just know that in your business you have to be prepared for anything.

The best way to be prepared to withstand a lawsuit, (which could bankrupt your business), is to be adequately insured against them. This means getting all of the coverage you can afford that protects the critical parts of your business:

Liability: There are many forms of liability insurance. Commercial general liability is similar to your homeowner’s liability insurance. It protects you from damages stemming from someone who incurred an injury while on your premises or if you incur damage to your business property.

Products and Completed Operations: General liability also includes Products and Completed Operations. This protects you if by chance you sell a product to a customer that turns out to be faulty. It also covers you if any work that you complete goes awry to where your company could be held liable for it.

Business Auto: If you or your employees drive vehicles for your business, this is not covered under personal automobile insurance policies. You must get a commercial auto policy to be covered for that.

Workers Compensation: This is required by law and covers any employees who get hurt on the job. It pays for medical expenses and any temporary or permanent disability.

USA Business Insurance Protects Plumbing Contractors

There are other coverages available including electronic data and valuable papers protection. It’s best to review these all with the professionals at USA Business Insurance. With our program designed for plumbing contractors, you can be sure your business will be covered in the event of a possible lawsuit.