Protect Your Business While You Help Prevent Burglaries

You know the stats all too well:

  • A burglary occurs somewhere in the United States every 14.3 seconds according to the FBI. This comes out to about 2.2 million burglaries per year (72.6% of which are residential burglaries).
  • A thief enters by an unlocked door or window in 66% of burglaries. Most enter through the front, back or garage doors.
  • 28 percent of burglaries involve people at home.
  • Most burglaries occur between 10am and 3pm.
  • The average time a burglar stays in a home is 8 to 12 minutes.

And since most thieves will only steal from residences that have easy entries, your alarm devices are meant to create a tough entry, causing the would-be burglar to go elsewhere.

Keeping track of those stats are one thing but you also have to deal with encroaching competition for customers as well as stay current on the latest security technologies.

That’s a lot to consider without having to worry about insurance.

Alarm Installation Insurance

You need an insurance program specifically constructed to protect you against the risks of your profession — insurance protection that has been developed specifically for those businesses that provide installations for:

  • Alarm monitoring
  • All of the different types of alarms
  • Closed circuit television monitoring
  • Security control areas

Considering the volatile and sensitive nature of a claim arising against your company because of work you did for a customer, think about purchasing the following two protections:

  • Errors & omissions – This protects you against any suit relating to a breach of duty because of errors, omissions or negligent acts committed by you or your staff.
  • General Liability – This covers a whole host of risks including bodily injury, personal injury, advertising loss and completed products/operations.

In addition to these coverages (plus workers compensation and business auto insurance), consider the following protections for your alarm business:

  • Lost key
  • Alarm theft extension
  • Property damage extension
  • Fidelity and surety bonds
  • Alarm umbrella liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • Alarm cyber-liability
  • Data breach
  • A per project/location aggregate limit
  • Sub-contractors liability
  • Electronic data liability
  • Additional insured completed ops
  • Subrogation waiver

USA Business Insurance – Alarm Installer Business Insurance Expert

Not all coverages may be available but a careful discussion with a business insurance professional at USA Business Insurance will help you sort them all out. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on what products and coverages will work best for your specific alarm installation insurance company needs.