Pool Installer Liability Insurance

Pool installer liability insurance pays for medical bills and related expenses if your company is to blame for a person’s physical injuries after an accident. It also pays for your legal bills when your company must defend itself against liability lawsuits. It also covers you if there is a problem with your advertising, a problem with products previously sold, or damage occurs to property you rent. Whether your company wins or loses a court case, there are still many expenses that must be paid while providing for your defense. Liability pays for these costs so that your company’s financial health is not put in jeopardy each time allegations is filed.

Bodily Injury Coverage

Pool installer general liability insurance provides bodily injury coverage, in the event that a person gets physically harmed in relation to your company. Accidents can happen at your normal business location, in your retail store or near the area your pool installation technicians are fulfilling a contract. If the person who suffers the injuries believes they were harmed because of your company, they will expect you to pay for all the associated bills.

Property Damage Coverage

Pool installer liability insurance also provides for potential property damage litigation. When a customer or third party suffers loss of property or gets their personal property damaged and they associated those damages with your company’s presence or actions, then they are likely to file a liability lawsuit against you. Liability insurance pays for your defense, and can pay any settlements, judgments and repair expenses if warranted.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

Pool installer general liability insurance reduces your company’s risks with completed operations and products sold. If problems arise after you have finished a pool installation, whether the problems are credited to products your company sold or the services you previously completed, the problems may result in property damages. When damages occur from these issues, your commercial insurance policy provides the legal and financial backing you’ll need in addressing the resulting lawsuits.

Personal And Advertising Injury

Personal and advertising injuries are often about perceived slights, miscommunication and harm to a brand or personal reputation. Liability insurance provides protection for your company when lawsuits arise that allege your company caused a loss of business or other personal harm, in its advertising or in personal statements and implications about an individual.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

If your company leases or rents one or more places of business, pool installer liability insurance protects you if damages occur to those premises. If your company is found to be responsible for a structural fire or other types of property damages, this portion of your policy helps pay for the repairs.

Medical Expense Limit

Pool installer general liability insurance includes a section that can help you avoid costly court battles and settlements when a person is injured on your business premises or work site. When the physical injuries require only minor care and treatment, this portion of your insurance allows you to offer to take care of that for the person harmed.

Limits Of Liability Insurance For Pool Installers

Liability insurance limits the maximum amount of money that will be paid on each claim, to each individual. It also limits the total combined, or aggregate, payout amounts without regard to the number of claims made.