Professional Liability Insurance for Pharmacists

Pharmacists are important people to their customers. Some customers trust their pharmacists as much as they trust their own doctors. They look to you for advice about self-medicating and treating minor problems, and they trust you to explain important details about their prescription medications. If you make a professional mistake, it can be life-threatening to your customers. That is why it’s so important for you to carry pharmacists professional liability insurance.

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Pharmacists professional liability insurance is the best way to protect yourself from lawsuits that claim you have made a professional mistake. This insurance is sometimes referred to as E&O coverage, or Errors and Omissions. As the name implies, E&O coverage is there to help protect you financially and legally if you make a professional mistake or omission that harms a customer or causes them to suffer a loss.

For example, a customer may bring their pain medication prescription to your pharmacy for filling. Later they may claim that you miss-read the prescription and only gave them three pills when they were supposed to have 30. That customer may sue you for the monetary losses, or they may allege that you caused them pain and suffering because they were unable to get another prescription for thirty days. Without pharmacists professional liability insurance, you would suffer the financial stress of having to pay for your legal defenses alone, regardless of whether you actually made a mistake.

Your pharmacists professional liability insurance policy can be configured to pay for your litigation defense expenses and related costs. It can also pay you for losses in income due to time off work while addressing a lawsuit. When applicable, this insurance also pays your customer’s restitution, awards or settlements ordered by the court.