Professional Liability for Optometrists and Opticians

Optometrists and opticians provide important services to their customers and the surrounding community. When children have trouble seeing, they can be problematic in school. When adults have trouble with their vision, they may create a hazard while driving on public roads. Your customers trust your professional knowledge and skills to help them see well. If you make a mistake with your diagnosis or treatment of a patient, they may sue your company for harm or damages that occur as a result of the mistake. Protect yourself by carrying optometrist and opticians professional liability insurance.

Optometrist and opticians professional liability insurance is more commonly referred to as Malpractice Insurance coverage. This insurance is specifically designed to protect you legally and financially if you ever make a professional mistake that causes harm. Even when you do not make a mistake your company can be sued by someone who alleges you made mistakes. When lawsuits like these arise, you will have to pay for your legal defenses and spend time off work dealing with the claims.

For example, if you perform an eye exam on a patient who does not reveal to you that they are diabetic, they may suffer from occasional bouts of blurry vision. If they have a car accident later they may sue your company for making a mistake with their eye exam and prescription. Without optometrist and opticians professional liability insurance, you would be left to pay for the litigation costs all on your own.

Depending upon how your Malpractice Insurance policy is structured, optometrist and opticians professional liability coverage will pay for the cost of your legal defense instead. It can also pay you for losses in income while you are in court, and it can pay settlements or awards to your patients when applicable.