Medical Care

Because you employ people in your mechanics shop, workers compensation is required by law. It helps you to cover the costs of medical care if one of your workers is hurt in the shop or becomes ill as a result of being there. These costs can escalate quickly and your payments can include visits to a doctor, hospital stays, diagnostics, treatments, prescriptions, and even physical therapy for recovery. Any reasonable care that is required will be covered by your business insurance.

First Aid Treatment

In the event that an incident in your shop is not very serious and necessitates only minor first aid for the injured worker, you may opt to pay for the care yourself. Some states offer this as an option so that you need not make a claim on the workers compensation for your mechanics shop. When the cost of care is so small, as in the case of first aid, using your insurance to pay for it can be more trouble than it is worth.

Temporary Disability

In the unfortunate instance that one of your workers is harmed to the extent that they cannot return to work right away, they are entitled to coverage for their lost wages. If after three days, the employee is not fit for work, they qualify for temporary disability payments, which are covered by your mechanic shop workers compensation insurance. The payments are designed to cover around two-thirds of the wages that the injured worker is missing by being unable to return to the job. The payments can be made for a maximum length of time set by law or until the worker is either able to work again or is declared permanently disabled. The current maximum period is two years for many injuries, and four years for a few specified cases.

Permanent Disability

When an injury at work is very severe, there is a possibility that your employee will be permanently disabled and unable to return to work at all. In this case, they are entitled to permanent disability payments through the workers compensation for your mechanics shop. Your worker may be declared permanently disabled by a physician immediately after the incident or at some point later. The amount that an employee is entitled to receive through your insurance is calculated based on a number of factors and is determined by current workers compensation law. The factors under consideration include how the employee was injured, their age, the severity of the disability, and the person’s ability to earn a living at any other job. Your worker can receive permanent disability as payments up to the maximum amount or as a lump sum payment.

Death Benefits

In the unfortunate instance that one of your employees dies from being at work, your mechanics shop workers compensation will pay the costs of a burial and payments to the worker’s dependents. The dependents receive an amount that is determined by their number, age, and dependency level.