Workers Comp Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit

When an employee is injured or made ill on the job after January 1, 2004 they may qualify for Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits instead of Vocational Rehabilitation. This benefit provides disabled employees with a way to obtain education and skills that might help them obtain work in another occupation.

The Supplemental Job Displacement benefit provides disabled workers with education and retraining vouchers. These vouchers are not transferable and they can only be used at a state approved or accredited school.

Only employees who are disabled due to on the job injuries can qualify for this benefit, and only if the injuries occurred after January 1, 2004. Employees must be permanently disabled, the injured worker does not return to work within sixty days after their temporary disability benefits end and the employer does not offer the employee alternative work options.

The dollar value of the vouchers that a disabled employee receives is determined by the extent of their disability. Maximum limits are set by law.