Janitor Insurance

The janitorial field is a $52 billion industry that employs almost 1 million people and spans more than 765,000 businesses (Source: Bharat Book Bureau). No matter how long you have been involved with this industry or how large your business is, there are a few basics you need to have if you want to stay competitive in the market. Among the most important necessities is janitor insurance, which needs to include a variety of coverage types.

Janitors Need The Following Insurance

Business Liability Insurance (GL): When you work in the janitorial industry, you’re expected to visit a lot of different properties to do your job, and you can’t always control how many people will walk through your worksite. That’s why you need general liability when you get janitor insurance. This way, if anyone slips on the wet floor you just mopped or trips over a trash can, the medical bills won’t be your personal responsibility. Rather, your general liability coverage will pay for them. This means this part of your janitor insurance policy can keep you from having to pay the hospital, doctor, pharmacy, or rehabilitation bills of anyone who is hurt at your worksite. Additionally, if you somehow damage someone’s belongings while cleaning, general liability can pay for repairs or a replacement when necessary.

Business Personal Property Insurance: When you need to protect any properties associated with your business, you need to make sure BPP is part of your janitor insurance. With this coverage, you can count on your policy to pay for any damage that occurs to a property that you use for your janitorial business. Even if you only have a small office where you store the equipment you use for cleaning, you can rest assured that BPP will pay for repairs if it gets damaged. It can also pay to replace any stolen cleaning equipment or chemicals, which is important if you could not afford to buy these items again and would therefore have to close in the event of a burglary.

Workers Comp Protection: Whether you employ several janitors or have just hired a few people to answer the phones and schedule cleaning services, workers compensation should be part of your janitor insurance policy. Obtaining this type of coverage will ensure that your employees will be well taken care of after a work injury. For example, if any employees slip on a wet floor or suffer from skin irritation after getting cleaning chemicals on their hands, their hospital bills will be paid for by workers compensation. If they have to miss work for a while, workers comp can also help them recoup some of the income they are missing out on while they heal.

Umbrella/Excess Liability: When you own a business, you need to be prepared for any accidents that could happen on your business property, and that’s why you need general liability. However, if you really want some peace of mind, you need to extend that coverage. You can do this easily by adding excess liability to your janitor insurance policy.