Pool Cleaner Insurance

When you clean pools for customers, you likely spend most of your time removing debris, balancing pool water, and driving to various homes. These tasks might feel routine to you, but it’s always possible that something will go wrong, resulting in injuries or property damage. When that happens, you’ll be relieved to have pool cleaner insurance. Here’s what kind of coverage you should have on your policy. Once you know what you need, contact us for a quote so you know how much to budget for pool cleaner insurance.

What Type Of Insurance Pool Cleaners Need

Whether you work on your own or have employees, you need complete coverage for your pool cleaning business. Your policy should feature at least the following kinds of coverage:

  • General Liability
  • Tools Coverage
  • Auto Insurance
  • Surety Bond

Take note that these are the minimum types of coverage you should have as a pool cleaner. You can and should add more for additional protection for your team.

How Much Is Pool Cleaner Insurance?

As you start budgeting for pool cleaner insurance, you’ll want to know how much you can expect to pay for each coverage type. Take a look at these estimates before you contact us:

  • General Liability Insurance for a Pool Cleaner starts at approximately $700 each year.
  • Tools Coverage for a Pool Cleaner starts at $200 every year for $10,000 in tool inventory.
  • Auto Liability Insurance for a Pool Cleaner starts at about $900 a year to insure a pickup truck.

How To Get Pool Cleaner Insurance

When you’re ready to start getting estimates on pool cleaner insurance, be prepared to tell us about certain details, such as your location and desired coverage. Our website describes the different coverage types you will need as a pool cleaner, but you’ll need to call us for an accurate estimate on what you’ll pay.

Pool Cleaner Liability Insurance Explained

When you’re spending hours of each day in several different backyards, you need to make sure you have general liability as part of your pool cleaner insurance. This is because this coverage will pay for repairs or replacements if you accidentally damage the pool or any other part of the property. Also, you likely see customers pretty often while you do your job. If any of them are injured while you’re there—such as if they end up with skin irritation from touching your pool chemicals—general liability will pay for their doctor bills.

Additionally, if you rent an office or workshop for storing your pool equipment and chemicals, and it gets damaged because of your operation, general liability will pay for the repairs. Finally, this coverage will also pay for your legal bills if anyone claims that you’ve committed slander, libel, or copyright violations with your pool cleaner ads. As you can see, general liability coverage is an important part of your pool cleaner insurance policy.

Pool Cleaner Tools Coverage

As a pool cleaner, you’re reliant on a specific set of tools and equipment, including skimmers, brushes, vacuums, and pool chemicals. Think about what would happen if you ever misplaced these items, or if they were ever stolen from you. If you couldn’t keep running your business until you replaced them, you need tools and equipment coverage when you get pool cleaner insurance. Even better, this coverage will apply to both owned and rented tools and equipment, so it’s useful to have even if you don’t own the pool cleaning essentials.

Pool Cleaner Auto Insurance

Travel is a big part of the pool cleaning field, as you can’t work if you don’t drive to customers’ houses. But any time you drive your work vehicle, there’s a risk that you’ll be involved in an accident. And if that ever happens, you may be required to pay for property damage and medical bills out of pocket, because personal auto insurance policies don’t typically cover accidents involving work vehicles. For this reason, you should get commercial car insurance for the vehicle you drive to customers’ homes when you clean pools. This coverage could save you a lot of money after a car accident, so you’ll be glad to have it if the worst ever happens.

Pool Cleaner Bond

Any time you’re providing a service to a customer, you should have a surety bond in place, even before you start the job. After all, surety bonds are supposed to signify to customers that you’ll finish the job they’re paying you to do. This way, your customers feel protected when they hire you, which could result in additional business for you in the long run. These are some of the most common surety bonds to think about adding to your pool cleaner insurance policy:

  • Contractor’s License Bond
  • Contract Bond
  • Performance Bond
  • Janitorial Bond
  • Dishonesty Bond
  • Bid Bond

Other Coverage

Building Insurance
Cyber Liability
Workers Compensation
Business Owner's Insurance Policy