Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Insurance

As the owner of a swimming pool cleaning and maintenance company, you get to travel all around your local area and enjoy the outdoors regularly. You have a lot of time, effort and money invested in your company and you are busy keeping everything running smoothly every day. Don’t put your business at risk by skimping on commercial insurance coverage. Be informed about the various options available to you and keep your company operating smoothly well into the future.

General Liability Insurance For Pool Cleaning Service

General liability insurance covers everyday problems. Whether your company encounters and unexpected hazard, has a customer claim made against it for bodily injury, or has to deal with damages caused by natural disasters, GL can help. It’s designed to cover most potential problems that can arise in your business, as long as it’s not specifically excluded in your insurance policy.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

A business owners policy (BOP) includes general liability rolled together with different types of business property coverage.

  • Equipment Breakdown – The specialty cleaning equipment you use in your swimming pool business can cost a lot if they go down. Not only is the equipment expensive to repair or replace but you’ll lose income while you’re unable to work as well. A BOP can cover the cost of repairing and replacing your critical business equipment when it breaks down.
  • Buildings and Contents – Whether you have a primary office base for your swimming pool maintenance company or you simply store cleaning and repair supplies in a warehouse, a BOP can protect you from the loss of those business structures. It can also protect you from the losses of the contents inside your buildings.
  • Business Income and Extra Expense – If your business buildings and contents are ruined in a flood or fire, you may be forced to suspend operations until everything is back in order. A BOP can protect you from that loss of income that you will experience during the downtime.
  • Products and Completed Operations (Included in General Liability) – If you use cleaning products on a client’s pool that brings them harm in some way, a BOP can take care of the liability and damages. It can also protect you from future claims against maintenance contracts you’ve already completed.
  • Electronic Data – Do you keep your client and supplier data in electronic form? Maybe you have automated computer payments and scheduling set up for regular clients. If your files become corrupted or destroyed it can have a huge negative impact on your business.
  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage – Dishonest acts by employees accounts for as much as six percent of annual revenues for small businesses. Dishonesty can take the form of tangible or monetary theft, unauthorized credit card usage and computer fraud.

Business Auto Policy For Pool Cleaners

Traveling to your customer’s locations to clean and maintain their swimming pools means your company is at risk of losses due to auto accidents. A commercial auto insurance policy can protect your company vehicles, personal vehicles used for business purposes, and vehicles you are renting.

Workers Comp Insurance For Pool Cleaners

Having employees in your company means you must also have workers comp insurance. This is mandated by law in all fifty states. Workers comp takes care of your employee’s medical care costs if they are ever hurt while working.