Landscaper Insurance

If your job entails using tools and equipment to mow lawns, plant bushes, and more, you need a comprehensive landscaper insurance policy. As long as the policy you get includes the essential coverage options, you and your customers alike will be protected every time you work on a landscaping project. If you’re not sure what kind of coverage you need for your landscaping company, here’s a summary of the most important types of insurance to get. Once you get an idea of what you need, please contact us for an estimate to get started on the path to being fully insured.

What Type Of Insurance Landscapers Need

Your landscaper insurance policy may feature the following types of coverage to ensure you’re protected in your field:

  • General Liability
  • Tools Coverage
  • Auto Insurance
  • Surety Bond

Of course, these are just the minimum coverage options you should have when you get a landscaper insurance policy. For added protection, you can get more coverage types, such as a business owner’s insurance policy.

How Much Is Landscaper Insurance?

The amount you pay for landscaper insurance will depend on several variables, including location and the coverage you want. But here’s a rough idea of the amount you might pay for each type of policy:

  • General Liability Insurance for a Landscaper starts at $400 per year.
  • Tools Coverage for a Landscaper starts at about $200 per year for $10,000 tool inventory.
  • Auto Liability Insurance for a Landscaper starts at about $700 a year for a pickup truck.

How To Get Landscaper Insurance

Before you can get a landscaper insurance policy, you will just need to tell us the basics about your company. The more information we have, the more accurate your quote will be for landscaper insurance.

Landscaper Liability Insurance Explained

Landscaping requires you to do all your work on the customer’s property. Whether you’re working at a home or business, there’s always a chance you will damage the property by accident. For example, the tree you’re trimming could fall on a structure. Paying the costs of the necessary repairs can be expensive, but when you have general liability insurance, you’re not on your own when it comes to those costs. Liability also pays the medical bills of anyone you hurt on the job, such as if a customer trips over the power cord of your lawnmower during a landscaping project. If you don’t have the money it would take to pay for medical bills when someone is injured on your worksite or on your business property, you need liability insurance.

In addition, liability coverage extends to accusations of libel or copyright issues, since this policy will pay your legal costs to fight the charges. And if you’re renting a business property that gets damaged by you, general liability will pay for the repairs. This is why you need general liability as part of your landscaper insurance policy.

Landscaper Tools Coverage

When you landscape for a living, you use tools and equipment every day. Your collection might include everything from shears and a rake to a lawnmower and a leaf blower. Maybe you even have larger equipment, such as a riding mower or a trailer for your truck. Either way, you paid good money for your landscaping tools and equipment, and you need to protect them. You can do this by getting tools and equipment coverage on your landscaper insurance policy. This way, if anything is lost or stolen, your coverage will replace it so you don’t have to buy your landscaping essentials again. This part of your policy covers the tools and equipment you either purchased or are renting to get the job done.

Landscaper Auto Insurance

As a landscaper, your routine involves a lot of driving from one jobsite to another. That means there’s a chance you’ll get in a car accident on your way to or from a project. But did you know your personal car insurance typically does not cover any accidents that involve the car you primarily use for business? For this reason, you need commercial auto insurance as part of your landscaper policy if you want to avoid paying for car repairs and medical costs out of your own pocket.

Landscaper Bond

The point of a surety bond is to guarantee you will provide the service you’re being paid for, from start to finish. This gives your customers peace of mind when they hire you. In some cases, a bond is even a requirement for you to start a job, so if you want to avoid losing business, you should add a bond to your landscaper insurance policy. These are the types of surety bonds you should have as a landscaper:

  • Contractor’s License Bond
  • Contract Bond
  • Performance Bond
  • Janitorial Bond
  • Dishonesty Bond
  • ERISA Bond (For Directors and Officers)
  • Bid Bond

Other Coverage

Building Insurance

Cyber Liability

Workers Compensation

Business Owners Insurance Policy