Business Auto Insurance for Garage Door Installers

Garage door installers travel by vehicle frequently, as they go about installing garage doors for customers throughout each day. Whether you or your employees drive from one location to another in your personal vehicles or in company owned trucks, the increase in travel increases your chances of having an auto accident. That’s why it’s important for you to carry garage door installer’s auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance for garage door installers helps protect your company from suffering financially when work-related auto accidents happen.

Depending upon the severity of an auto accident, your company may suffer losses of vehicles and specialized tools or equipment that is expensive to replace. If you select the right types of coverage for your needs, your business auto insurance will protect you from hazards and risks such as vehicle damage, equipment losses, or harm that’s caused by a collision, fire or theft. The expenses that arise from physical injuries to you or your employed drivers are covered in the bodily injuries section of your policy.

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Commercial Auto Insurance For Garage Door Installers

Commercial auto liability insurance for garage door installers is basic liability coverage that protects your company and other accident victims when you or one of your employees is responsible for an auto accident. If you or an employee is at fault for the accident, liability coverage helps prevent you from having to pay for most of the damages out of pocket.

This coverage also prevents other innocent drivers from having to pay for repairs. Business liability insurance covers you or drivers that you when you’re driving for job related reasons. When one of your company employees is driving to a client’s house to install a garage door for example, or delivering installation tools, your garage door installer’s commercial auto insurance has you covered.

Combined Single Limits

Combined single limit policies, or CSL insurance are designed to cover you on a per accident basis regardless of what type of damages are generated. It does not specify benefit limits separately from each other. It instead provides you with one specific maximum payout amount that can be claimed in total for accident expenses. For example, if one of your employees causes multiple injuries in an auto accident your CSL benefits policy may be used entirely for bodily injury payments since little to no property damages occurred.

Split Limit Policy

Split limit auto insurance differs from a CSL because it puts benefit payout limits in place based on the type of damages an accident creates. The minimum amount of coverage you’re legally allowed to carry is set by state law. Your business’s auto policy determines the maximum payout limitations for property damages and bodily injuries separately.

For example, if you choose a split limit policy of $100,000/$300,000/$50,000 for your commercial garage door installer’s auto insurance:

  • Your policy would pay no more than $100,000 for each individual’s bodily injuries.
  • Your policy will pay no more than $300,000 for the combined total of bodily injuries.
  • Your policy will pay no more than $50,000 for the combined total of property damages.

Physical Damages Coverage

Physical damages coverage is separate protection that is designed to help prevent losses or damages to your company vehicles. For example, if one of your employees is driving the company supply truck and has a collision or rollover event, the truck could be damaged beyond repair. If you carry physical damages coverage on your commercial auto insurance policy, it will pay for the expense of replacing that supply truck.

Physical damage insurance coverage may include:
Other Optional Coverages