E and O Insurance for Flower Shops and Florists

Flower shops and florists have a steady stream of business all year round. Some months, such as June, are busier than others because more weddings are held then compared to other months. There is always an occasion for flowers and your customers rely on your expertise and knowledge. If you make a professional mistake, flower shops and florists professional liability insurance can help protect you from the legal and financial crises that will arise.

Dealing with professional liability lawsuits is a normal course of business for flower shops and florists. Whether you actually make a professional mistake or not, your customers may sue you for perceived damages. Errors & Omissions insurance (E&O), is another name for flower shops and florists professional liability coverage. It is designed to help protect you financially and legally when professional lawsuits arise.

If, for example, you accidentally mix up flower orders for a funeral client and a wedding party, your customers may sue your company for financial loss and emotional suffering or other perceived damages. Likewise, if you fail to inform a customer that a house plant is dangerous to pets, they may sue you for the animal hospital bills when their cat falls ill after eating it. Flower shops and florists professional liability insurance is designed to be there for you when legal actions of this sort arise.

Depending upon the scope of your insurance policy, flower shops and florists professional liability can pay for the cost of your legal defense. It can also pay for damages, settlements or awards as needed and it may provide for your losses in income while dealing with the case.