Flower Shop & Florist Business Insurance

Retail flower shops operate open to the public. They often have several employees so that the store can stay open for extended hours. Customers may walk in unexpectedly or make appointments to discuss special events. As the owner of a small business retail flower shop you must juggle the flow of customers with the work of the employees. All successful business owners juggle these tasks flawlessly while also covering their bases with important commercial business insurance.

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General Liability

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Workers Compensation

General Liability For Flower Shops

General liability insurance protects your flower shop from accidents that weren’t expected. Accidents come in a variety of ways and cannot always be anticipated. A customer may drop an expensive flower vase inside your store for example. Another customer may suffer cuts from the flying glass of the vase breaking. A stranger could trip on the welcome mat you have outside your store. General liability helps protect your business from the potential costs associated with events like these.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

Business owners insurance protects the physical assets of your flower shop. It covers loss or damages to the physical store as well as the contents inside your store. If a storm tears off the roof of your store and destroys most of your inventory, a business owners policy (BOP) will cover those losses.

BOP protects you from the loss of critical electronic documentation, equipment and software as well. Flower Shops may use special mobile computer equipment to help keep inventory up to date as orders arrive and deliveries are completed. If this equipment is damaged from an electrical surge, or your electronic data is erased because of a computer virus, BOP helps with the cost of replacement.

Workers Comp For Florists

If you have employees in your retail flower shop you must also have workers comp insurance. Workers compensation coverage is required by law in all fifty states, regardless of how many employees you have or what type of job they do for you. Workers comp helps your employees if they are ever injured on the job. Workers comp pays the employee medical or hospital bills that are generated due to a work related injury. It also pays them for lost wages if they must take time to recuperate. If an injury is severe enough, workers compensation will pay the employee for temporary or permanent disability. It also provides death benefits to the employee’s family.

Commercial Auto Insurance For Flower Shops

Business auto insurance protects your company vehicles from accident damage, theft, vandalism and other problems. Commercial auto insurance can cover your florist delivery van so that if it is in an accident, you can repair or replace the vehicle. Business auto insurance may cover the loss of other business equipment and inventory. It will take care of related emergency medical expenses for anyone involved in the accident, and protect you against uninsured motorists.


Retail florists may need surety bonds to win specific contracts. Surety bonds guarantee that you will fulfill specific obligations of a work contract. If you want to win a wedding contract for example, to supply all of the flowers to a large event, the client may require you to be bonded before they will award you the contract.