Drywall Contractor Liability Insurance

You know that drywall is heavy, clunky and unwieldy material. Handling it is risky. In fact, running a drywall contractors business is risky. You face a lot of exposure and unfortunately, there is seldom any notice when something is about turn into mayhem.

Businesses like yours take care of these risks by getting well-written liability policies for starters. You can take this one step further and get a policy that’s written with drywall contractors in mind. This will address the risks and exposures specific to your type of work.

Perform due diligence when seeking a policy that is written the way you would approach any drywall job… by looking at all of the angles.

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Liability Insurance Covers The Following

When you buy from a good, reputable insurance carrier, your business GL (General Liability) will typically pay out on the following:

  • Court costs, lawyers’ fees, the expense of obtaining documentation and most other reasonable expenses related to your case
  • Settlements that have been reached or judgments obtained against you
  • The cost of your time when providing assistance to your case
  • Court required bond premium

Persons Who Are Covered

Coverage typically extends to anyone performing duties for your business whether your enterprise is set up as a sole proprietorship, partnership or any type of corporation.

Common General Liability Coverages

Bodily Injury: Your liability policy will cover most, if not all, reasonable costs including medical care and loss of services related to any injury that you are found liable to have caused.

Property Damage: If something done by anyone covered under your business policy damages the property of another, property liability will cover the costs including any loss of use situation.

Products and Completed Ops: If your insulating material is found to be defective later, and causes injuries and/or damages, the products and completed ops portion of your GL policy will pay out on any related claims.

Medical Payments: This coverage takes care of paying out for minor injuries that do not tap into the bodily injury portion of the policy.

Personal and Advertising Injury: If you or a covered associate commits a libelous, slanderous act that damages the reputation of another in some way via business advertising, any related claims are covered.

Damage to Premises Rented to You: When you rent or lease building space, any damage you cause is covered.

When you decide on limits, you will have to consider the individual limit paid out on each claim and the policy aggregate that once hit, will no longer be paid out on.

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