Don’t Skimp on Burglar Alarm Installation Coverage

Burglar (also called intrusion), fire and safety alarm systems produce an output (noise, lights, etc.) when the system’s sensors are activated by the pre-set alarm triggering conditions. The alarm may be local, remote or a combination of those two.

Local alarms do not include monitoring; remote systems do. However, depending on where your customer lives, it may not matter much. If your customer lives in a rural area, no one will hear the alarm and if it’s monitored, it may take some time for authorities to respond.

Therefore, a loss might still occur even though you have duly equipped the residence or business with an alarm.

An irate customer might blame your company for a loss. You might even be sued for it. Two ways to arm your business against lawsuits brought against it are:

  • Gilt-edged customer contracts clearly spelling out the limits of your liability
  • Solid, dependable insurance from a reputable company

If You’re In The Alarm Business… Invest In The Right Insurance

You cannot predict if / when a disaster will hit your business like this one:

A lawsuit against an alarm company was settled in 2011 stemming from an incident when a home ostensibly protected by an alarm did not go off when the home was broken into by an ex-husband. Two people lost their lives in the incident.

It is crucial that your alarm business is fully protected by a good insurer. One that will be there when it counts. Get your insurance from a company that has demonstrated stability, management expertise, and the ability to meet their financial obligations.

Avoid Coverage Gaps

Make sure your insurance covers all the hazards of your business. Do not allow coverage gaps. If you have one, you could be left without protection.

Find a company that specializes in your business and offers insurance specifically for alarms, sales and service, installation, monitoring, electronic security and whatever else your company does regarding alarm installation.

You will want to consider general & professional liability, bodily injury, personal injury, property damage, errors and omissions, assault and battery, theft and lost key coverages.

USA Business Insurance- Alarm Installation Protection

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