Decking Contractor Liability Insurance

Decking contractor liability insurance is business financial coverage that will reduce your company’s risks of financial losses if the company or its representatives are deemed to be responsible for an individual person’s physical injuries, personal property damages, and similar accusations or legal activities that may arise in the course of your daily business operations. With this insurance coverage, decking contractor firms and individuals will have the monetary means to defend themselves against litigation and to pay court ordered sums.

Bodily Injury Coverage

Decking contractor general liability insurance includes protection when bodily injuries occur. Whether a person is physically injured by slipping on a wet floor at your company’s workshop, or they’re hurt because they trip on materials laid out in a workspace at a client’s location, your general liability insurance policy provisions apply. The coverage can pay for the costs of medical treatment and care, and for your legal defense costs in relation to the injuries.

Property Damage Coverage

If an accident happens that causes damage to occur to a person’s personal property, this insurance also helps reduce your risks. Whether property gets damaged due to activity your company is conducting on site, or something happens at your primary business location, general liability helps to pay for the costs of repairing or replacing that property when you’re deemed to have caused the damages.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

Lawsuits are occasionally filed after the fact. Your company may fully complete a contract, only to find that something went wrong months later. Decking contractor liability insurance provides protection for these risks. If a customer suffers from property damages and losses and they believe the work your company did was the root cause of the damage, they will take your company to court and attempt to recoup those losses. When this happens, your insurance policy provides the legal recourses needed, and can pay any claims if you’re found to be at fault.

Personal And Advertising Injury

Decking contractor general liability insurance protects you against claims of harm caused by your advertising. If, for instance, your company is accused of conducting misleading advertising campaigns, it may be taken to court. Likewise, if a person feels that your company or one of its employees engaged in slander or libelous behavior against them, you will also be sued. General liability coverage provides protection when these events occur.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

Decking contractor general liability insurance includes coverage for premises your company leases and rents for business purposes. Whether you rent retail space to sell decking supplies, or you simply lease your primary shop buildings, the owner of those properties will fully expect your company to pay for any damages or destruction that your company causes. They may not allow you to sign the lease agreement without first having proof of this coverage.

Medical Expense Limit

A medical expense limit is a section of your insurance policy that helps your company quickly and efficiently deal with small accidents that cause minor injuries. When an accident causes harm but that harm is relatively minor, it may be easily addressed with quick, inexpensive medical attention. By offering to pay for this service whether you’re at fault for the harm or not, you can potentially avoid the more expensive option of having to go to court and defend yourself.

Limits Of Liability Insurance For Decking Contractors

Decking contractor liability insurance has two types of benefit limitations. There is a maximum amount of monetary benefits that it will pay for each person, per claim. There is also a total aggregate, or combined amount, of monetary benefits that it will pay out for all of the claims, no matter how many there are.