Carpet Cleaner Commercial Liability Insurance

Owning and operating a carpet cleaning business keeps you on your toes. While it’s rewarding to provide cleaning services for your customers, the day today realities of operating the business and staying on top of the details can be quite stressful. Your customers schedule carpet cleaning jobs with your company out of both trust and need. They need to know their home is clean and healthy, and they trust your company to help fulfill that need. Carrying general liability insurance for carpet cleaners helps you maintain that trust level while also protecting your business.

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Bodily Injury Coverage

Your carpet cleaners general liability insurance includes bodily injury protection for your customers. Bodily injury coverage also protects your company legally and financially if a customer is hurt by your company. If, for example, a customer sustains physical injuries because you just waxed a wood floor I bodily injury coverage pay for their medical bills.

Property Damage Coverage

Property damage insurance is a section of your general liability policy that protects you if you cause damages to a customer’s property. This coverage applies at your business premises and at the location you’re providing services. For example, if one of your carpet cleaning employees accidentally tears a customer’s carpet while steam cleaning it, your property damages coverage pay for the necessary repairs.

Products And Completed Operations

Products and completed operations coverage can be added to your general liability policy or acquired as stand alone coverage. Products liability protects you if problems arise from products that you manufacture or sell. If a customer becomes sick from a cleaning product you sold to them for example, this coverage pays the customer’s resulting medical care bills. Completed operations insurance protects against physical or property damages that arise after your services have been fully rendered.

Personal And Advertising Injury

When customers, competitors, suppliers or other entities claim that you caused them harm in some way that is not physical injuries or property damages, personal and advertising injury coverage comes into play. For example, if a competing carpet cleaning company claims that you slandered them in a magazine advertisement, they may sue you for restitution. Personal or advertising injury coverage protects against these types of claims and allegations.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

If you rent a business location, such as a retail store front or a warehouse to store your carpet cleaning machinery, rental liability coverage helps protect the building that you use. This coverage is often required before a building owner will rent or lease the property to your company, because it protects from losses to the structure. If, for example, one of your cleaning steam cleaning machines shorts out and causes a building fire, your rental coverage will pay for the repairs.

Medical Expense Limit

Your carpet cleaners general liability insurance policy may include additional medical coverage protection that pays for physical injuries regardless of who is at fault. This insurance may be a separate rider or agreement that is dictated by your general liability policy limitations. It is meant to protect you from minor physical injuries to customers so that larger lawsuits and settlements can be avoided.

Limits Of Liability Insurance

  • Each Occurrence – Your general liability policy limits the total amount of benefits paid to a person based on individual occurrences of claims.
  • General Aggregate – A general aggregate amount is the total benefits your policy will pay regardless of how many occurrences of claims there are. Once the total aggregate limitis met, a general liability policy is exhausted and cannot pay additional claims.