Carpenter Liability Insurance

Independent carpenters and carpentry businesses provide many important services to their customers. As the owner of the company, your primary purpose is to keep the company running smoothly and successfully so that it can be prosperous. You may even have plans to make it grow into an extremely profitable enterprise over time. Owning a carpentry business requires a lot of attention to detail. There are many areas you are responsible for, and many ways you take risks every day. Limit your risk exposure with general liability insurance for carpenters.

Bodily Injury Coverage

When accidents happen people can get hurt. If a person is hurt at your business location or at the remote job location you are working in, they may sue you to pay their medical and recovery bills. General liability insurance for carpenters takes care of this for you with bodily injury coverage. When someone is hurt at your business location, bodily injury takes care of their recovery and care.

Property Damage Coverage

Accidents that happen at your business location may cause damages to property instead of people. General liability insurance for carpenters provides you with property damages protection for these risks. If a customer’s personal property is damaged at your jobsite or on your business premises, this coverage will pay to have their property repaired.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

Products and completed operations coverage is the portion of your general liability insurance that protects you if problems arise after you have sold something or finished rendering services. If, for example, you provide framing services for a residential customer and afterwards the structure you created caves in, that customer may sue you for the damages and expenses. The completed operations portion of your coverage can protect you by paying for the resulting costs, or providing for your legal protection costs.

Personal And Advertising Injury

Commercial general liability insurance for carpenters also includes personal and advertising injury protection. If a customer, supplier or other party claims that you made false statements about them for example, they may sue you for alleged damages. If your company creates an advertisement that features a photo of a family, the family may file a lawsuit with claims that you did not get permission to use their photo commercially. Personal and advertising injury protects you from risks like these.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

If you rent a work shop or retail office space for your carpentry business, the owner of the property might require that you carry protection against harm or loss to that structure. General liability insurance for carpenters can include coverage for damage to premises rented to you. If you cause a fire to start in the building for example, this coverage will pay for the losses, repairs and replacements that structure will need.

Medical Expense Limit

When small accidents cause only minor injuries, medical expense limit coverage can be your answer. As part of your general liability insurance for carpenters, this coverage can pay for a customer’s minor injuries when accidents happen, even if you are not at fault. Medical expense limit coverage can help your company avoid larger, more expensive legal consequences and actions later.

Limits Of Liability Insurance For Carpenters

  • Each Occurrence – Your policy limits the maximum amount of benefits that are paid for each claim per person.
  • General Aggregate – A general aggregate is the total combined maximum amount of benefits your policy will pay regardless of how many times claims are made.