Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Contractors

As the owner of a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning business, your life is busy. Your company may service residential customers, commercial customers, government buildings and more. It is stressful enough to keep track of installation and maintenance schedules for employees and customers. The last thing your business needs is to worry about potential legal issues, accidents, injuries and natural disasters. Commercial small business insurance packages can be tailored to fit your HVAC business’s exact needs, and grow with the company as it grows.

General Liability For HVAC Contractors

General liability insurance protects your company from legal claims that might arise from accidents, as well as damages that can occur to your business assets. For example, if a customer receives a bodily injury while selecting a new heat pump inside your store, your company could be legally obligated to pay the subsequent medical bills and expenses. With general liability coverage, the insurance policy takes care of those claims instead. It can also protect you from financial loss and ruin caused by natural disasters and other calamities such as water damage from a burst pipe or smoke and fire damage.

Business Owners Policy (Bop)

business owners insurance policy (BOP) provides you with tangible and intangible property protection as well as general liability. A BOP can be customized to fit the way you operate your specific HVAC business.

  • Equipment Breakdown – If your air conditioning repair or installation equipment breaks down it can be expensive to repair or replace. A BOP protects your company from having to absorb those costs.
  • Buildings and Contents – Whether you have public shop and retail space or you simply store your supplies in a warehouse and operate a mobile HVAC business, a BOP can protect you from the loss or damage of physical structures. Physical structures include the buildings themselves, offsite equipment, and physical content inside of your business structures as well.
  • Business Income and Extra Expense – If a business structure is damaged or destroyed, a BOP can protect you from the loss of income that comes when you have to suspend business operations until the building is replaced or repaired. It can also cover extra expenses that come up when you have to rent temporary work space or equipment.
  • Products and Completed Operations (Included In General Liability) – If you sell your customers a heating, ventilation or air conditioning product that is later found to be defective, a business owners policy can protect you from the potential liability and cover damages.
  • Electronic Data  – Important electronic data that you keep for your business is protected from expensive losses due to power outages, viruses or other damaging effects.
  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage – When your company’s employees are entrusted with handling expensive heating and cooling equipment, there is always a risk that they will decide to keep some of the materials for themselves. Or they may conduct fraudulent activities such as providing goods and services to friends or family for a kickback. Your BOP can protect you from these types of losses with employee dishonesty coverage.

Commercial Auto Insurance For HVAC Contractors

Traveling to your customer’s jobsite to perform repairs and services, or install new heating and air conditioning equipment puts your company at risk of having auto accidents. A commercial auto insurance policy protects you from losses, damages and medical bills that may arise.

Workers Compensation For HVAC Contractors

Each state in the country requires you to carry workers comp insurance coverage for your employees. This insurance pays their medical expenses if they are ever hurt while working.

FAQ For HVAC Contractors' Insurance

We’re big believers in keeping things simple, so ask us anything and we’ll answer honestly and without the jargon.

Why Do HVAC Contractors Need Insurance?

There are several compelling reasons why HVAC contractors should prioritize obtaining general liability insurance. Firstly, it offers essential protection for your company and employees, shielding from the potentially devastating financial consequences of third-party lawsuits. Secondly, this insurance safeguards your business property, completed projects, and leased premises, providing peace of mind against unforeseen events. Lastly, the affordability of general liability insurance tailored for HVAC contractors ensures that obtaining this crucial coverage won't strain your budget, making it a prudent and cost-effective investment in your business's security and reputation.

What Are the Risks Facing HVAC Contractors?

The job of HVAC contractors entails a multitude of risks, given their involvement with electricity, natural gas, heavy machinery, and other potentially hazardous equipment. Workers face dangers such as falls from ladders, electrocution, severe burns, and exposure to harmful chemicals. Moreover, there is a possibility of unintentional property damage during HVAC system installations in residential homes or businesses. Fortunately, general liability insurance offers a protective solution, covering many of these potential scenarios and providing crucial security for both the contractors and their clients.

Is General Liability Insurance Required for HVAC Workers?

The necessity of general liability insurance for HVAC contractors varies depending on the location. It is essential to verify with your state and local municipality to determine if liability insurance is a prerequisite for obtaining your HVAC contractor license and delivering services to clients. Additionally, it's worth noting that certain landlords may demand general liability insurance as a condition for leasing commercial office space. Moreover, many customers insist on HVAC contractors having general liability insurance before awarding them a contract, making it a critical consideration for securing new projects and fostering trust with potential clients.

Are Monthly Payments Available For HVAC Contractor Liability Insurance ?

Yes! Typically, general liability policies offer convenient monthly payment plans, often requiring an initial down payment to initiate the coverage. To explore options with lower down payment requirements, it is advisable to inquire about such possibilities from your insurance agent.

What Are The Penalties To Cancel My Policy ?

If you choose to cancel the policy, you won't be subjected to any additional fees or penalties. However, it is important to settle the premium dues up to the cancellation date. Once the cancellation process is completed, any remaining payments will be voided.