Being in the medical field, you likely already know the importance of having the right insurance to protect your office, your patients, and your staff. Knowing you have the proper coverage in place should give you some confidence as you work hard to help detect and diagnose health issues in your patients. You might know why you need X-ray laboratories insurance, but maybe you don’t know exactly what it covers. This overview should help answer any questions you have.

General Liability

When you run an X-ray lab, you are prepared to have patients come in and out of your workplace all day. But you might not be prepared to deal with the legal and financial consequences when someone is injured on the premises. That’s why you need general liability. Whether a patient slips and falls or is somehow injured by the X-ray equipment, the general liability portion of your X-ray laboratories insurance will pay for the medical bills.

This coverage also pays for property damage, such as when a pothole in your parking lot damages a patient’s car. Another expense that general liability pays for is your legal defense in case another business accuses you of stealingits intellectual property or damaging its reputation.

Business Owners (BOP)

The point of a business owners policy is to make sure businesses of all kinds have the coverage they need in particular. For example, if you ever have to deal with forgery, equipment breakdown, or a sewer backup, you will be glad to have a BOP as part of your X-ray laboratories insurance. This coverage will also pay to replace your X-ray equipment and office furnishings if they are ever stolen or damaged. If a fire, vandalism, or other disastrous incident ruins your office building, the BOP will pay for the repairs you need, as well.

Workers Comp

Part of showing how much you value your staff involves making sure they are covered in case they are ever hurt at work, and that’s why you need workers comp. For instance, if an employee is injured or becomes ill while working with X-ray equipment, he or she will need medical care and time off work. The workers comp that is part of your X-ray laboratories insurance will pay for these expenses so neither you nor your employee will need to pay out of pocket. This is why workers comp is not just highly encouraged, but also required for most businesses with one or more employees, since it protects everyone involved with the company.

Excess Liability

Having general liability as part of your X-ray laboratories insurance policy is important, but it’s not always enough to protect your lab. You never know when a lawsuit will exhaust the limits of your liability coverage, which is why you need excess liability. Also known as umbrella coverage, excess liability can provide you with some peace of mind in case you are ever responsible for paying for a huge sum when it comes to medical bills or property damage.