Workers Compensation for Beauty Salons

Lost Wages And Medical Care

One of the most important reasons to carry workers compensation for your beauty salon is to cover the costs of medical care and lost wages for any employee who suffers an accident in your place of business. When an injury or illness occurs at work, that employee is entitled to these benefits.

Business Travel Protection

If you ever need to send an employee out of state, on sales calls or training programs for instance, you may need to extend your beauty salon workers compensation business insurance to include out of state coverage. Typical policies will only cover occurrences within the state of your business.

Employer’s Liability

To get benefits from your beauty salon workers compensation insurance, your beauticians are not required to prove your liability in the accident. If it occurred at work, they are covered. If, however, a worker blames you and can prove your liability, they may choose to sue you. The employer’s liability portion of your workers comp policy can help cover your legal costs in this instance. It can help pay for the cost of an attorney, legal fees, and any damages.

Employer’s Liability In Monopolistic States

If you work in a monopolistic state, you are required to get workers compensation for your beauty salon from a state fund. All benefits paid out to your employees come from this fund. In this case, you may need to add employer’s liability coverage as an additional option.

Legal Expenses

In the event that you need to make use of employer’s liability within your beauty salon workers compensation policy, your coverage should include legal expenses. If an employee sues you for an accident, your coverage can help pay the costs of attorney and court fees, investigations, and any damages in the case that they are awarded.

Third-Party Suits

When one of your employees is injured in your beauty salon, they may conclude that you and your business were not liable, but that a third party was. For example, if a stylist is electrocuted when using a faulty hair dryer, they may believe the manufacturer of the dryer is liable and they may choose to sue that company. If the third party believes your business was liable, they can in turn sue you. Your beauty salon workers compensation insurance can protect you in this event. The employer’s liability portion will help you cover legal costs associated with this event and any damages awarded. Because workers compensation is a no-fault type of insurance, the chances that you will be proven liable for an injury or accident by a court are low. When an employer is found liable, it is typically in drastic cases in which they intentionally injured an employee or required them to perform an especially dangerous task.