Septic Tank Installer Insurance

If you install septic tanks on a regular basis, you may have noticed that the need for this type of service has increased in recent years. That trend is likely to continue in the next few years, with an expected increase of nearly 4% annually when it comes to demand. If you want to make sure you are ready to handle the steady increase in business, you should obtain septic tank installer insurance with the coverage you need.

General Liability for Septic Tank Installers

Installing septic tanks requires you to travel to your customers’ homes. Any time you conduct business at someone’s house, you need to make sure you are properly insured in case your products or services somehow damage the property. Even if you feel you are careful enough to avoid property damage, you should be prepared in case a customer accuses you of damaging their property. Without a septic tank installer insurance policy with general liability, you could lose your personal assets, such as your home, if a customer brings a lawsuit against you.

An additional reason to have general liability coverage is in case a customer is injured during the job. If you are installing a septic tank at a house and someone trips over your equipment or is somehow injured by the tank after you have installed it, you will be glad to have liability coverage. It will pay for any necessary medical treatment so that you don’t have to.

Tools Coverage

This job requires you to use special tools that can be costly to replace. The excavation phase alone involves the use of tools that include a shovel, backhoe tractor, and trencher. Of course, the rest of the installation process requires even more equipment. If you cannot afford to lose any of these necessities for your business, you need the tools coverage that comes with septic tank installer insurance. This way, if your tools are stolen, lost, or damaged in any way, you can quickly replace them without having to take out a business loan just to cover the cost.

Workers Comp Insurance For Septic Tank Installers

If you have one or more employees installing septic tanks, you need workers comp. After all, this job can be risky considering the heavy-duty equipment that is used. If an employee is injured while installing a septic tank, it’s good to know you won’t have to pay for medical care, rehabilitation, or lost wages out of your own pocket. Instead, you can rely on the workers comp coverage that comes with septic tank installer insurance to take care of your employee financially. This type of coverage is considered so important that it is required in most states if you have even one employee.

Excess Liability

In case you find that the policy limits of your septic tank installer insurance coverage are not enough to cover necessary costs, you need excess liability. Also known as umbrella insurance, this type of coverage is nice to have because it kicks in when a claim exceeds the maximum dollar amount of your insurance.