Respiratory Therapist Professional Liability Insurance

Respiratory therapists help their patients breathe easier. From managing oxygen ventilation machines and artificial airway devices to testing and determining whether your patient is getting the proper amounts of oxygen, your responsibilities are great. Your patients rely on you to be an expert in your field, and to ensure that they are taken care of properly. You don’t take your responsibilities lightly, and that’s why it’s important for you to carry respiratory therapists professional liability insurance.

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Respiratory therapists professional liability insurance is designed to help protect you legally and financially if you are ever accused of making professional mistakes. This insurance is also known as Malpractice Insurance, it protects you when mistakes are made as well as when allegations are filed.

For example, a patient of yours may have family members that file a lawsuit against you with claims that you made an error when you adjusted the patient’s oxygen supply. The mistakes, they believe, caused him to suffer irreparable brain damage. Whether you actually made a mistake or not, you will be forced to spend time and money addressing the lawsuit. With Malpractice Insurance, you won’t be left to handle it all alone.

Depending upon the scope of your policy coverage, respiratory therapists professional liability insurance can pay for the costs of your legal defenses when lawsuits are filed. It can also pay you for losses in income that are caused by you having to appear in court, and it pays for awards or settlements to your patients when warranted.