Pennsylvania Contractor Insurance

There are 999,591 small businesses in Pennsylvania, and 116,908 of them are involved in the construction field. You should also know that the economy in Pennsylvania has grown much slower than the economy of the U.S. In particular, its real gross state product only grew by 0.7 percent in 2013, while the gross domestic product of the U.S. grew by 2.2 percent in the same time period. (Source: BEA). If one of the more than 100,000 construction firms in this state belongs to you, it’s time to learn how Pennsylvania contractor insurance can benefit your business.

Pennsylvania Contractors Need The Following Insurance

Coverage for Third Party (GL): Businesses of every kind have guests who visit the property from time to time, and they should all have general liability. However, some industries in particular need this coverage, and construction is one of them. After all, your property likely has lumber, nails, and machinery in nearly every corner, putting visitors at risk of being hurt in some way. Fortunately, when injuries do occur, general liability pays for the medical bills of anyone injured after visiting your property. This portion of your Pennsylvania contractor insurance policy also pays for any damages to personal property, such as if a guest’s car, cell phone, or other item is damaged during their visit.

Tools & Equipment Coverage (BOP): No matter what kinds of tools you use in your construction job, you deserve to know you can quickly replace them if they are ever damaged or stolen. The same goes for any equipment you use, whether you rent it or own it. This is why tools & equipment coverage is so helpful to have in your Pennsylvania contractor insurance policy, since it will replace any items you use for your business.

Employee Coverage (WC): If you own one of the 25,752 construction firms in Pennsylvania with up to about 500 employees, it’s important to get workers compensation. This coverage is meant to pay for the medical treatment of any employees who become sick or injured on the job, which is bound to happen in the construction business. It will even pay for lost wages during their recovery time, as well as any legal fees you face if your employees sue you after being injured at work.

Business Vehicle Insurance: Many people in the construction field have to drive frequently, since they might go from the office to local worksites on a regular basis. If this describes your normal day, you need to make sure your Pennsylvania contractor insurance includes business vehicle coverage. This is important because personal car policies do not usually cover car accidents caused by people who were driving for business. For this reason, if your employees drive for your firm, they also need business vehicle insurance.

Bond: Many construction firms in this state have surety bonds included with their Pennsylvania contractor insurance. The reason for this is to pay any fines that are levied when you breach a construction contract. In this way, surety bonds show that your services are considered guaranteed.