Medical Care

If you employ people in your nail salon, workers compensation is a component of business insurance that you are required by law to hold. The requirement is intended to protect you in the event that a worker is injured on the job or becomes ill from being at work. If it happens, your insurance covers the necessary medical expenses such as visits to doctors, hospitalization, medications, physical therapy, and more. It also helps you pay your employee lost wages when they cannot return immediately to work.

First Aid Treatment

An employee in your nail salon may get a minor injury that needs only first aid treatment on the spot. They are entitled to this type of inexpensive care and its cost can be covered by the workers compensation insurance you hold for your nail salon. However, the cost of filing a claim may be more than the actual treatment. For this reason, some states will allow you to pay for the first aid care out of pocket rather than making a claim.

Temporary Disability

If a worker in your nail salon is injured to the extent that they cannot come back to the job after three days have passed, temporary disability kicks in. Your employee is entitled in this instance to get compensation for lost wages. Your nail salon workers compensation covers these costs. To receive the lost wage payments, your worker must be declared by a physician sufficiently disabled that they cannot return to the job. Your employee will get about two-thirds of their lost wages until they can work again or until a maximum time period has been reached. This maximum is set by workers compensation law and is two years for most injuries, and four years for a few specified incidents.

Permanent Disability

Your nail salon workers compensation will also cover payments to an employee that is more severely injured on the job. If your employee is found by a physician to be disabled to the extent that they can never return to work, they are entitled to permanent disability. Your insurance will cover these payments, which reach a maximum set by law and determined by several factors. The age of the employee, the severity of the injury, the extent of the disability, and the worker’s ability to earn a wage in the future are all taken into account when the maximum is set. Your employee may receive the permanent disability compensation all at once as a lump sum settlement or as payments made every two weeks until the maximum is reached.

Death Benefits

In the extreme event that an employee of yours dies at work or as the result of injuries or illness suffered at work, the workers compensation for your nail salon will cover necessary payments. It will help to cover the costs of a burial and the payments to the worker’s dependents.