Medical Care

One of the most important reasons to hold workers compensation for your metal product manufacturing business, besides the legal requirement, is to be able to cover medical costs for your injured workers. If an employee at your facility is hurt or made ill as a direct result of being at work, they are entitled to care. Your workers compensation business insurance will pay for needed medical services such as emergency care, doctor visits, physical therapy, diagnostics, prescriptions, and more.

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First Aid Treatment

Even if a worker at your factory is injured in only a minor way that requires first aid, they are entitled to that care. The workers compensation for your metal product manufacturer business can cover the cost of first aid on the scene of the accident. However, filing a claim on your insurance is often an involved process and can cost you in the long run. For that reason, many states allow you to pay for that minor first aid treatment out of pocket and avoid making the claim.

Temporary Disability

If an employee is injured more severely and requires more extensive care than simple first aid, your metal product manufacturers workers compensation will pay for that care. It will also pay for the worker’s lost wages in certain situations. If the injury or illness received on the job prevents your employee from returning to the job three days after the fact, they are eligible for wage recovery under temporary disability. Once a physician certifies that the employee cannot return to work, your insurance will pay around two-thirds of lost wages. The payments continue until either the worker can come back to the job or they are declared permanently disabled. Temporary disability can only be paid out for a maximum period of two years in most cases, or four years in specified instances.

Permanent Disability

When an accident at your facility causes an employee to become permanently disabled, they are entitled to more extensive payments. A physician may declare a worker unable to ever return to the job. In this case, the workers compensation for your metal product manufacturing business makes permanent disability payments to the employee. These payments can be made every two weeks, or the employee may choose to receive a maximum amount as a lump sum settlement. The maximum payment is set by law, but the amount your worker is entitled to receive depends on their age, the severity and extent of the disability, and their ability to earn at a job in the future.

Death Benefits

In the extreme event that your employee dies while working for you or dies because of an accident that occurred at work, your metal product manufacturers workers compensation will pay related expenses. The expenses for an employee death include reasonable burial costs up to a maximum determined by law and payments to dependents. The dependents are able to receive compensation in an amount that is related to their level of dependence and their number.