HVAC Liability Insurance Checklist

Prior to purchasing any general liability policy, consider performing this due diligence:

Job Description

Make sure you have an accurate description of the work all of your employees do. This information is used to rate and calculate how much premium you will pay. Also know how many employees perform each task. An HVAC installer is much higher rated than the person in the office who does your billing meaning the installer costs more to insure.


Have an accurate accounting of your payroll for each of your employee groups including what you’ve paid out to subs. If you under report this, you may be subject to a premium audit on your liability policy and will have to pay any difference between actual and reported payroll, anyway.


Keep the dates on the certificates of insurance for any subs up to date. If you do not do so, their cost will be tacked onto your policy as payroll which will cost you a lot more in premium. Also, make sure the certificates name you as an additional insured and have the same limits you have.

Customer Requests

Many customers are hiring lawyers to review contracts these days. Lawyers sometimes will add clauses that might require you to become responsible for things that are outside of the scope of what you do (being responsible for any mold, for example). If you want to agree to something make sure the language is approved by your insurer or you may not be covered if a claim arises and is related to one of those clauses.


Make sure you know what is excluded or limited on your policy because you will not be covered if something occurs related to those exclusions or limitations.


Pay on time and especially do not let your policy lapse for non-payment of premium. In some cases, that and/or a history of slow pays might cause your policy to not be renewed.

See USA Business Insurance At Your Next Policy Renewal

It is prudent business practice to shop for insurance at least every three to five years. You always want to find the most reputable company that can offer you the best coverage at the most affordable price. It’s important to find an insurer that you trust to be there for you.

USA Business Insurance has a program customized for HVAC contractors. Get the liability protection you need by contacting us today for a free no-obligation quote tailored to insure your business against liability risks.