Get Trusted Help to Sort out the 13 or More HVAC Insurance Coverages

Consider all of the facets of your business – all of the work your HVAC firm does for your customers:

  • Installing, selling and maintaining HVAC units
  • Setting up temperature zones in homes, especially in new construction.
  • Performing yearly cooling and heating maintenance checks.
  • Troubleshooting HVAC systems.
  • Making emergency calls when a unit goes out suddenly during a hot or cold spell
  • Keeping up-to-date on all of the new HVAC units and the technology associated with them

And that’s just some of what you do. It doesn’t even cover your marketing activities to get customers, employee management and equipment purchasing.

It all has to be insured but you already know that. The next step is finding the perfect set of insurance protections that will never leave you in the lurch -that will be there for you in your time of need.

Lines Of Coverage

You will be considering several main coverages including: workers compensation, commercial auto, property, inland marine, umbrella liability and general liability.

Specialty coverages include: Per project aggregate, blanket waiver of rights, primary non-contributory, blanket additional insured, completed operations, employee benefits liability and limited jobsite pollution liability.

And this doesn’t count deciding on limits and deductibles.

To make it more puzzling, each of these coverages address a particular aspect of your business. If you got them all, you might have your total business covered against everything but it may be cost prohibitive to do that.

It’s Enough To Make Your Head Spin

That’s why it’s best to get policy protection that is written especially for the set of risks particular to your HVAC company. You do that by finding an insurance professional that you can trust. One that knows how to insure HVAC contractors. You want to make sure that the insurer is reputable and has a reputation for paying their claims promptly. It’s not an easy task but it is one that is worth the time investment because of the money you will be paying to be fully protected.

USA Business Insurance Will Help You Sort Out HVAC Coverages

USA Business Insurance will help you lock into the right insurance protection for your livelihood. With special insurance formulated to your field you will be protected no matter what hazards might come your way. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote and discussion about how to best protect your HVAC business.