Everywhere an HVAC Contractor Goes, Hazards await

Your business is responsible for one of the main benefits of life – living in a comfort in one’s home and hearth. It can almost be taken for granted by your customers but you know the hazards of your profession:

  • Recently, in Kentucky, a class action suit was filed against air conditioning unit manufacturers for allegedly selling defective central air conditioning units. The suit alleges that defective evaporator coils improperly and prematurely rupture which causes Freon to leak and the unit to malfunction.
  • In Pennsylvania, a lawmaker is attempting to pass a bill that will stem the tide of the explosion of mold-related lawsuits filed against HVAC contractors. This bill would protect HVAC contractors from any liability for mold growth. (The fact that HVAC systems not only do not cause mold, but that they are the best defense against mold, has not stopped lawsuits sometimes being brought years after an HVAC unit has been installed.)
  • Again, in Pennsylvania, an HVAC installer was sued as a result of an allegedly faulty HVAC installation.

While you offer year around comfort to your customers, what protects your business in its time of need?

Just because it may be a cliché does not mean it is not accurate – good business insurance protects you. Specifically, protection formed around the unique risks of your HVAC business.

Liability: This protects the owner from damage to property or injuries to people caused by employees and sub-par work that’s performed by your employees. Liability also protects you from any harm done to anyone at your premises. This is your main protection and it contains many aspects so make sure that it covers your entire business. You want to avoid any coverage gaps.

Workers Compensation: Mandatory for most companies, this will cover your employees if they are hurt on the job and provide protection in case an employee sues you if s/he gets hurt.

Commercial Auto: This covers any vehicles you drive and the people who drive them in the course of doing business for you.

Use USA Business Insurance For Rock Solid HVAC Business Protection

USA Business Insurance offers a solid coverage package for HVAC contractors. Protect your business with it. You know HVAC and we know the insurance needed to protect and keep your business intact no matter what hazards might come your way. Take advantage of the expertise of business insurance professionals. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote and discussion about how best to protect your home and hearth-your business.