General Welder Insurance in Florida

The Gulf States are among the areas with the highest demand for welders, which means welders in Florida are at an advantage. But the contractors in this industry who don’t protect themselves with the right insurance coverage may end up wasting this opportunity. If you want to make the most of your welding career in this state, it’s important to know what general welder insurance in Florida entails.

General Liability for Florida Welders

Like other types of contractors in Florida, welders who work here need to have general liability coverage. The point of this type of policy is to protect local welders from having to personally take financial responsibility if they are sued. If you cause property damage or if someone is injured during the project you are working on, your insurance policy will cover the costs.

But if you lack the proper coverage, you will be held responsible and may lose your personal assets. That’s why it’s imperative that you get general welder insurance in Florida. In fact, this type of policy is often required by any company that might hire you for welding projects.

Tools Coverage

You cannot do this job without the proper tools, and sometimes equipment gets lost, stolen, or damaged. If you cannot afford to immediately replace your welding tools, you need to insure them. Otherwise, you risk not being able to do your job, which can cost you a lot of money in the long run. Any major equipment that you cannot do without – such as welders, torches, welder carts, and even safety gear – should be on your policy for general welder insurance in Florida.

Commercial Auto Coverage For Welders

Any time you drive to a work site for welding, you need to make sure you are properly covered. If you have a vehicle used specifically to transport you or any employees to welding jobs, your personal car insurance policy will not pay for damages to it in the event of a car accident. This could leave you liable to pay for property damage and injuries to yourself or others after a collision. This is why general welder insurance in Florida includes auto coverage for local welders, which should provide some peace of mind for those who are on the road often for this job.

Workers Comp Insurance For Welding Shops

When you work in the construction industry in Florida, you will need workers comp coverage even if you have just one employee. Obtaining general welder insurance in Florida makes it easy for you to ensure your business is covered so you do not open yourself up to lawsuits if an employee is injured on the job. After all, you will be expected to pay for any necessary medical care, rehabilitation, and lost wages for an injured employee. If you cannot afford to pay for all this out of pocket, you need this type of coverage.

Excess Liability

Excess liability coverage is also known as umbrella coverage for a reason; it covers more than the minimum in the event that your policy limits have been exceeded. You will be glad to have this coverage if you ever make a particularly expensive mistake that affects your welding business and requires more money than your policy allows.