Florida Artisan Contractor Insurance

Not all contractors provide the same services, so they shouldn’t all have the same exact insurance coverage. That’s why Florida artisan contractor insurance is so important to have. This type of coverage can protect contractors – such as plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and roofers – who offer specialty services in the construction field.

General Liability Insurance

All artisan contractors in Florida need general liability insurance. This coverage can protect the company from lawsuits in case someone gets injured or property becomes damaged during a project. The minimum Florida artisan contractor insurance limit is $100,000 for bodily injury, and $25,000 for property damage. But the more coverage you get, the more money you have available to pay for settlements and legal fees if you are ever sued.

An additional benefit of general liability coverage is that you are protected from accusations that your business might face. For example, if someone slanders your company and causes you to lose profits as a result, your Florida artisan contractor insurance policy can help financially. Take note that the insurance applies to you even when you are at a work site, not just your office.

Tools Coverage

Florida artisan contractor insurance coverage takes into account the fact that tools of the trade often cost a lot of money. Therefore, tools coverage is available to protect anything you and your team use while getting the job done. This could include everything from wrenches and hammers to tube cutters and voltage testers. Anything that you could not easily replace right away should be covered by insurance so your business is not negatively affected by the loss.

Auto Coverage

It is not uncommon for artisan contractors to drive quite a bit to get to job sites throughout Florida. The more you drive, the higher your chance of a car accident will be. And in many cases, personal auto insurance policies do not apply to employees who get into a car accident while on the job. This is why Florida artisan contractor insurance with auto coverage is necessary to protect the company and its vehicles.

Workers Compensation

In Florida, workers compensation coverage is required of construction companies, even those with just one employee. This coverage is meant to pay for medical treatment, loss of wages, and other expenses incurred after an employee is hurt while on the job. It can provide both company owners and employees some peace of mind, so it is an important part of Florida artisan contractor insurance coverage.

Excess Liability

Excess liability coverage – which is often also called umbrella coverage – is a great addition to any Florida artisan contractor insurance policy. It can cover above and beyond what the typical artisan contractor policy includes, offering you protection in case you exceed your policy limits.