E & O Insurance for Gardens and Nurseries

Gardens and nurseries are excellent businesses to own, particularly in areas where there is a large amount of home ownership. Home owners visit your nursery to purchase plants, trees, bushes and other landscaping materials to beautify their property. They trust your knowledge and ask your opinions frequently. If you make a mistake with your lawn and garden recommendations, it could cause physical harm or property damages for your customers. Protect yourself from financial losses with gardens and nurseries professional liability insurance.

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Gardens and nurseries professional liability insurance is also known as E&O coverage, or errors and omissions. It is designed to help protect you from severe financial consequences that arise when you make professional mistakes. If your mistakes cause customers financial losses and or time off of work they will sue your company for reparations. Some lawsuits will arise even if your company has not made any mistakes, but without the proper protection you would still have to pay for your legal defense and time off work to deal with the claims.

If, for example, your garden center sells a Bamboo plant to a customer that is accidentally marked as a clumping variety and it later invades heavily enough to kill their fruit trees or damage their house foundation, they may sue your company for the losses and damages. If you cautioned them about the plant and they failed to put the proper root barriers in place, they may still sue your company when it invades even though you are not at fault for their damages. Gardens and nurseries professional liability insurance will help protect you in both cases, so that you do not have to pay these legal expenses out of pocket.

Depending upon the scope of your E&O policy, gardens and nurseries professional liability coverage will pay for the cost of your litigation and defense. It can also cover losses in income due to your time away from business while in court, and it can pay settlements or awards to customers when applicable.