Drapery Store Insurance

The number of people in the US who bought drapes and other window treatments in 2015 was just over 27 million (Source: Statista). If you want your own drapery business to benefit from those numbers by appealing to the millions of consumers in need of drapes, it’s important for you to make sure you have all the precautions in place as a business owner. One of those safeguards is drapery store insurance. Here’s a look at how having insurance of this kind can help you.

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Drapery Stores Need The Following Insurance

Business Liability Insurance (GL): Part of your responsibility as a drapery store owner is to get general liability insurance for your business. Once you do this, you can rest assured that if anyone is hurt in your store, you won’t have to pay for the medical treatment out of pocket. Instead, your general liability coverage will do so. Whether injured customers have to go to the hospital by ambulance or just need to visit the doctor, the liability part of your drapery store insurance will take care of the bills. The same goes for any visitors whose personal property ends up damaged after visiting your store.

Business Personal Property Insurance: If you expect customers to continue wanting to come to your store to buy drapes, you need to create a welcoming, safe, and clean environment. You can do this by ensuring that your shop is always in good repair, even shortly after it is damaged by vandalism, fire, or any other unforeseen circumstance. If you don’t have the money to immediately pay to repair or rebuild your store after it’s damaged, you need to add BPP to your drapery store insurance policy. This coverage will not only pay for repairs to the building, but it will also cover the cost of replacing items inside the store that get stolen or damaged.

Workers Comp Protection: When you have employees who help run your drapery store, you need to include workers comp in your drapery store insurance policy. Doing so shows your commitment to protecting them in case they are ever hurt at work, such as when restocking the shelves, cutting custom drapes, or performing any other work duties. This is because when you have workers compensation as part of your drapery store insurance, you can make sure your employees’ medical bills are paid for, whether they need to be hospitalized or even need long-term care, such as physical therapy. This part of your policy can even make up for missed wages when your employee has to take weeks or months off work to recover.

Umbrella/Excess Liability: Now that you have drapery store insurance, you likely have general liability to pay for any accidents that occur on your property. But it’s impossible to say how much liability coverage you need, since the cost of claims can range quite a bit. If you want to lower the chance that you’ll have to pay for an expensive claim, you should extend your liability coverage by adding excess liability to your drapery store insurance policy.