Curtain Store Insurance

The window treatment industry has a revenue of about $976 million spread among almost 1,600 businesses in the US (Source: IBISWorld). If your business falls into this category because it sells curtains, you need the best insurance coverage you can get if you want to keep your store and your customers safe. Here’s a look at what the optimum curtain store insurance policy covers.

Curtain Stores Need The Following Insurance

Business Liability Insurance (GL): Any type of store that welcomes customers to come in and browse needs to have good general liability coverage, and curtain stores are no exception. A customer could hit a speed bump too hard in your parking lot, in which case your general liability coverage will likely pay for any necessary car repairs. Customers could also slip and fall in your store, or possibly pull a curtain rod down on themselves. At that point, because the accident occurred on your business property, you would be responsible for paying the medical bills. If you can’t afford to pay these out of pocket, you will be happy to have curtain store insurance with general liability so that your policy can pay instead of you.

Business Personal Property Insurance: Impressing customers involves more than just offering superior products and great prices. It also requires you to provide a comfortable, clean environment where they feel encouraged to browse your products for as long as they need. This won’t be the case if your store is damaged by a fire, vandalism, harsh weather, or a sewer backup. Fortunately, when you include BPP as part of your curtain store insurance policy, you have access to the money you need to make repairs to your store when needed. BPP will also replace any stolen or damaged items – such as curtains and rods – after a burglary or other incident.

Workers Comp Protection: Most stores that sell curtains employ people who stock the shelves, operate the cash register, and answer customers’ questions. If this is the case for your store, workers compensation is a good type of coverage to add to your curtain store insurance policy. The point of this coverage is to pay for the necessary medical treatment of your employees when they are injured at work. Even if you think your store is a safe work environment, it is probably stocked with potentially dangerous items, such as ladders, scissors, box cutters, and other tools that could hurt employees in some way. You need to plan for the worst so that your staff feels protected, and ensuring that their medical bills will be paid for after a work injury is one way to do this.

Umbrella/Excess Liability: The concept of excess liability is a simple one. It merely extends the coverage of your general liability policy. The result is that your curtain store insurance will pay for more expenses if there is an accident at your store. This can provide you with some peace of mind since you never know how expensive a claim against your general liability coverage will be.