Radio & TV Communication Equipment Manufacturers Insurance

Manufacturers of specialized equipment can benefit from an insurance company that understands your specific needs. Radio and TV communication equipment manufacturers general liability insurance coverage will work to protect you in a variety of areas such as bodily injury, property damage, and even in the event that your manufactured products cause harm or injury to a client.

Bodily Injury Coverage

Accidents or injuries can happen in a busy manufacturing plant, so it is important to obtain the right financial protection for your company. If your manufactured equipment causes an injury for any reason, bodily injury will provide coverage for you. Even in the event a client has mental suffering, your radio and TV communication equipment manufacturers general liability insurance will protect your financial assets.

Medical Payments

This portion of your general liability gives you coverage for medical expenses for individuals who have suffered bodily injury (BI) regardless of the policy holder’s liability, applicable to the specific conditions listed on your policy.

Property Damage

This part of your radio and TV communication equipment manufacturers general liability insurance protects you in the event your company damages property. You are also covered if another person’s property is damaged at the location of your business or while delivering equipment at another person’s location as well.

Fire Legal Liability

Under your general liability coverage, rented premises that the policy holder occupies which are damaged by fire will be covered as an exception to the what is excluded on the policy applied to property in the insured’s care, custody, or control (CCC). The standard commercial general liability (CGL) policy states that the coverage is subject to the ” damage to premises rented to you” policy limitation.

Products And Completed Operations

Owning a manufacturing business that supplies equipment to venders and consumers makes you potentially in danger of litigation. With this portion of your radio and TV communication equipment manufacturer general liability insurance, you can be protected if a client is injured, either mentally or physically and your business is at fault. Additionally, if your equipment damages property or if a customer is simply extremely dissatisfied, you are protected in these instances as well.

Personal And Advertising Injury

Coverage in the event your company is accused of libel, slander, discrimination, or other similar legal claims is provided under personal and advertising injury.

Building Coverage

Radio and TV communication equipment manufacturers business insurance provides with an even greater range of coverage, including building coverage for your most important business structures. You may opt to add the buildings you use and list them in your policy. Additionally, any permanent improvements you invest into your growing business will also be covered.

Business Personal Property Coverage

Typically, this coverage applies to what is stored and used inside your office buildings. You may choose to add equipment, furnishings, and even important electronic data into your BOP plan.

Additional Coverage Available In BOP

Radio and TV communication equipment manufacturers business insurance can also include: Valuable Papers, Employee Dishonesty, Care Custody and Control, Inland Maine, Hire and Non owned Auto.