Carpet Installer Liability Insurance

Have you thought carefully about your carpet installer insurance? Do you know how much general liability (GL) protection actually does for you? If you are uncertain, it might be good to understand what GL covers not only to make you aware of it but to make sure it covers everything you think it does.

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For one thing, GL covers anyone who works for or performs activities for your company as long as you approve.

GL insurance coverage is structured to pay claims out on the following situations:

  • Court awarded damages if you do not prevail.
  • All case related expenses. This means attorney fees, court costs, money needed to pay a witness, etc.
  • Bond premium that a court has ordered.

The following coverages are in a General Liability Insurance Policy:

Bodily Injury: If you or someone involved in your business injures another, the policy would cover medical expenses, compensation judgments and loss of services incurred by the injured individual.

Property Damage: If an individual’s property gets damaged by something you or an employee did, this section would pay out not only on the property damages but would take care of any loss of use compensation.

Products/Completed Ops: If the carpet that you installed is found to be defective or the job that your employees did is found to be sub-standard, the completed operations and products part of the GL policy would be used to address any related claims.

Medical Payments: If injuries occur that are considered minor, this part of the policy would cover those. This is a lower limit coverage designed to take care of claims before they get to the larger limits of the bodily injury coverage.

Advertising and Personal Damages: If you or your employees commit slander, copyright infringement or any libelous actions against another that results in a claim, you are protected by this coverage.

Rented Premises: If you’re renting or leasing and the property gets damaged somehow, this coverage will settle the claim.

Limits are set by occurrence and by aggregate. Once you reach them, no more will be paid out on any claims.

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