Business Insurance for Dental Labs

As the business owner of a dental lab, your company has to provide a variety of important services in a timely and professional manner for your customers. The importance of the materials and data you handle cannot be understated, and your offices and lab buildings contain a number of extremely valuable pieces of equipment. The success of your business depends heavily on having all of your equipment and employees working at their most effective levels to provide the services you’ve contracted for. Your business cannot afford break downs, down time from emergencies or employee liability issues. To help your business succeed, we can help your dental lab set up the most important types of small business insurance you need to keep you running smoothly, efficiently and profitably at all times.

General Liability Insurance For Dental Labs

General liability insurance is a standard need that all small businesses have. It helps protect your dental lab from general damages and losses that are caused by unforeseen events or activities. General liability insurance is particularly important for small businesses because it covers accidents and events that may not be covered by other types of small business insurance that you carry.

Business Owners Policy (Bop)

Business owners insurance helps protect your dental lab offices, buildings, structures, furnishings and lab equipment in the event that disaster strikes. If a power surge causes one of your most important pieces of lab equipment to fail without warning, your business could struggle financially if you had to replace or repair the machine from corporate funds. Business owners insurance policy can help protect you against failures and accidents of this sort by covering those costs if the need arises.

Commercial Auto Coverage For Dental Labs

If you or your employees must travel to deliver lab products, services and test results to your customers, commercial auto insurance coverage is a must. Business auto insurance coverage protects vehicles that your company owns or leases, and it protects the people who drive them. Some commercial auto insurance policies protect your employees in the event of an accident even when they’re driving their own vehicles, if the travel they are in the midst of is for business purposes. Business auto insurance also helps protect any mobile lab vehicles your dental lab may own and use.

Workers Comp Insurance For Dental Labs

Workers compensation insurance is required by law in all states of the nation when you have employees. This commercial insurance policy is designed to protect you as an employer from legal and financial burdens if an employee is injured on the job. It also benefits your employees by paying medical expenses if the employee is injured while working.

Professional Liability Insurance For Dental Labs

Professional liability insurance protects you and your small business if someone on your staff makes a mistake. Whether you or your employees make mistakes due to an error or by omitting important information or materials when providing products and services to your customers, professional liability insurance will cover the damages that arise from those events.


Surety bonds are insurance tools that allow you to provide guarantees about your services and products to your customers. If you sign a contract with a customer that states you will deliver lab test results within 24 hours for example, a surety bond will pay your customer’s damages if you have an equipment failure or other event that prevents you from making good on the original contract obligations and promises.