Air Compressor Services and Repair Insurance

If you offer air compressor services, you are in a $10 billion industry that is expected to grow by about 3% in the next five years. Regardless of who your main clients are, you should prepare your business for this growth by acquiring the right air compressor services insurance policy. Take a look at what this entails.

General Liability For Air Compressor Services & Repair

This field requires the use of powerful equipment and specialized tools. As useful as they are, they can also be a source of injury. If a customer trips over them or gets a finger caught in them, you might be responsible for paying for the medical bills or even an expensive lawsuit. Luckily, general liability is included in air compressor services insurance, and it is meant to pay for the expenses that result from injuries on your business property.

Another use for general liability coverage is to pay for the legal costs associated with accusations of slander, libel, or copyright infringement. Basically, if a competitor accuses you of these types of wrongdoing, the liability portion of your air compressor services insurance will pay for your defense or settlement out of court.

Business Owners (BOP)

Your business insurance should include a BOP if you want to protect certain business assets. For example, if the building you use for air compressor services and repair is damaged or robbed, your BOP will pay for repairs and replacements as needed. In addition, the BOP covers equipment breakdown, electronic data processing, and valuable papers and records, to name a few coverages you can benefit from.

Commercial Auto

If you travel to your customers to offer air compressor services and repairs, you need commercial auto insurance for your company vehicles. Even if you merely use vehicles to transport equipment and inventory for your business, you need a commercial policy because personal car insurance will not cover you. This means you could end up having to pay out of pocket for medical care and vehicle repairs after an accident, unless you get the proper commercial auto insurance for every vehicle used for your business.

Workers Comp Insurance For Air Compressor Services & Repair

If your air compressor services company has employees, you need workers comp. This type of business insurance coverage pays for the medical treatment and lost wages of any employees injured while at work. Having this coverage will offer some peace of mind to both you and your employees, since it means neither of you will have to pay out of pocket when someone is injured on the job. That’s helpful, because working with equipment of any kind can lead to injuries that require medical attention and time off work.

Excess Liability

There’s no telling whether your liability coverage will be enough for any lawsuits you might face in the future, and that’s why excess liability exists. If you want to feel confident that you will not go bankrupt or lose your business after you lose an expensive lawsuit or pay a costly settlement, you need to add excess liability to your air compressor services insurance policy.