Adult Health Care Insurance

Of the more than 321 million residents of the US, about 76 percent are age 18 or older (Source: US Census Bureau). That means there are about 243 million adults in this country, and the older they get, the more health care they tend to need. If you offer health care of any kind to adults in this country, you need an insurance policy for your business that features a variety of coverage. Here’s what your adult health care insurance policy should cover.

Adult Health Care Providers Need The Following Insurance

Business Liability Insurance (GL): Whether you have a medical facility or you go to your patients, you need general liability when you obtain an adult health care insurance policy. This is the coverage that will apply when someone gets hurt in your place of business. Without general liability, you will be responsible for paying for – or providing free of charge – the medical treatment that someone might need after getting injured on your business property. And if someone’s personal property is destroyed or stolen at your place of business, general liability should cover the costs of repair or replacement so that you do not have to pay for these expenses.

Business Personal Property Insurance: If you have a medical office that patients visit to get health care from your staff, it’s imperative that you keep it not only sanitary, but also welcoming. This means that if the building is ever damaged by harsh weather, vandalism, a fire, or a number of other types of disasters, the cost of the repairs will be paid for by BPP when it’s part of your adult health care insurance policy. Plus, any medical equipment and supplies you have in your office will also be replaced if necessary when you have BPP.

Workers Comp Protection: You likely have a full staff of employees who help you administer medical services to adults, and they deserve to be protected by workers comp. Fortunately, this type of coverage is easy to add to your adult health care insurance policy. In fact, in most states, it’s required. When you have workers comp for your employees, you’ll know that any medical bills they end up with will be covered by insurance, as long as they are related to a work injury. So if your employees need treatment after tripping over medical equipment or cutting themselves on a sharp tool, workers comp will pay for it. It will also help make up for any income they miss out on while they’re either at home or in the hospital recovering.

Umbrella/Excess Liability: Ensuring that your adult health care insurance policy has general liability is a start, but adding excess liability is even better. This type of coverage simply increases the amount that your general liability policy will cover. The result is that you are less likely to need to pay out of pocket if anyone is injured or ends up with damaged property while visiting your medical facility. The peace of mind that excess liability brings is often worth it to business owners who invite a lot of patients to their medical office.