Fiber Optic Cable Installers Workers Compensation Insurance

As the owner of a fiber optic cable installer business, workers compensation is a necessary component of your business insurance policy.

Medical Care

The installers who work for you may have accidents while on the job. In that event, they are entitled to reasonable medical treatment. The workers compensation for your fiber optic cable installer business helps to pay the costs of anything from visits to doctors and hospital stays to physical therapy and rehabilitation.

First Aid Treatment

Your injured workers are also entitled to first aid as needed. As the employer, it is your responsibility to see that your workers have adequate first aid on the job. Sometimes the injury that an employee sustains while working is minor and requires no treatment beyond the basic first aid care. Making a claim on your fiber optic cable installer workers compensation may seem like more trouble than it is worth for such a minor expense. For this reason, some states will allow you to simply pay the costs of first aid yourself, rather than filing a workers comp claim.

Temporary Disability

If one of your employees is injured or becomes ill from working in your office or out on a job, and is unable to come back to work three days later, they are entitled to benefits through temporary disability. This aspect of your fiber optic cable installer workers compensation insurance pays for part of the worker’s lost wages. A doctor is required in order to validate the claim that an employee cannot return to work before payments will be made. Once this requirement is satisfied, the worker will get about two-thirds of their wages until they can get back on the job. The maximum time that temporary disability is paid out depends on current workers compensation law and is two years in many cases, and four years for certain specific injuries.

Permanent Disability

When your workers are out on the job, there is the chance that a more serious injury could occur. In the event that your employee is injured so badly that they cannot ever return to the job, they may be entitled to permanent disability payments. The workers compensation for your fiber optic cable installer business will cover these costs. Depending upon the employee’s age when injured, the severity of the injury, and the impact on the ability to earn a wage at any job, your employee will receive a certain amount of compensation. Workers compensation law determines a maximum compensation. Your worker may receive that as a payment every two weeks or they may choose to receive the settlement as a lump sum.

Death Benefits

In the worst case scenario, your fiber optic cable installer workers compensation insurance will help pay the costs of burial expenses if an employee dies on the job. Your insurance will also cover the cost of compensation to the worker’s dependents. The amount of compensation depends on the number of and ages of dependents.