Wine Distributor Liability Insurance

When you distribute wine for a living, you play a large part in helping people unwind after work or even celebrate important occasions with a glass of wine. But you also have the responsibility of ensuring that no one is injured on your business property, and this is why you need wine distributor liability insurance.

Whether you host wine tastings at your facility or send out employees to stock the shelves of grocery stores and restaurants, there’s a chance someone will get injured near the area where you or your employees are working. And when you work in an industry that’s worth about $84 billion and is set to grow by 2 percent every year over the next decade, it makes sense to protect your business with the right insurance (Source: IBISWorld).

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Liability Insurance Will Cover These Expenses

When you get general liability (GL) as part of your wine distributor insurance policy, you can rest assured that it will cover the following types of expenses:

  • Legal costs, such as the fees involved with hiring a lawyer, gathering up any legal paperwork for your case, and expenses needed for witnesses
  • Legal settlements costs that may occur if you lose the case
  • Any time you have to spend away from your wine distribution center in order to go to court
  • The amount of the bond you might have to get

Who Is Covered?

Your wine distributor liability insurance will cover anyone who works for your business. So if you employ salespeople, receptionists, drivers, or other types of employees, they will all get the coverage you need to protect your wine distribution company when someone is injured on your property.

Common General Liability Coverages

Bodily Injury: Among the main reasons to acquire wine distributor liability insurance is to have coverage when your business is responsible for the medical bills of anyone who gets hurt on your property. If you regularly invite customers to come to you – such as for tours or wine tastings – this is especially important. But even if you rarely have visitors on your property, you need to be prepared in case someone shows up and gets hurt for any reason.

Property Damage: If someone visiting your business property has their belongings stolen or broken while there, wine distributor liability insurance will pay for the repairs.

Products and Completed Ops: If a product you sell causes someone to be injured, this part of your wine distributor liability insurance policy will pay for the necessary medical treatment. For example, if someone gets sick after drinking your wine, this coverage will be responsible for the healthcare bills.

Medical Payments: Not all injuries are bad enough to warrant legal action, but your business will likely still need to pay for the resulting medical bills. This is why you will be glad to have medical payments coverage.

Personal and Advertising Injury: If another business owner ever claims you have libeled or slandered him or her, your wine distributor liability insurance policy will pay for your legal defense.

Damage to Premises Rented to You: If you ever need to rent property for your wine distribution business, and it ends up needing repairs once you’re done with it, this part of your wine distributor liability insurance policy can pay for them.

If you are in the market for wine distributor liability insurance, contact USA Business Insurance today to get a quote for a policy.