Window Shutter Installer Insurance

From plantation shutters to louvered shutters, these types of window coverings are popular with homes all over the country. If your job consists of installing them, you need to protect your business, your customers, and yourself by getting a window shutter installer insurance policy that has all the coverage that is necessary in this industry. You should get familiar with what that includes before you start getting quotes for this type of business insurance.

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Window Shutter Installers Need The Following Insurance

Business Liability Insurance (GL): Having general liability on your window shutter installer insurance policy means you will have a way to pay for the treatment costs of people who get hurt on your business property. This applies not just to any offices or warehouses you own, but also to worksites, such as the houses and businesses you work on. Whether a customer trips over a shutter you’re about to install in their home or someone slips on a wet floor in your office, general liability will pay for their doctor bills. This aspect of your window shutter installer insurance policy can also compensate the customer for any damage to their personal property, such as their windows.

Business Personal Property Insurance: No matter what kind of business property you have, such as a large warehouse or a small office, you need BPP added to your window shutter installer insurance policy. The purpose of this coverage is to make sure you have a way to pay for repairs to the building when necessary. This might become useful to you after a sewer backs up and damages the floor, someone vandalizes the exterior of the building, or a fire destroys the entire property. Regardless of the type of disaster your property experiences, BPP also extends to any items that are stolen or broken, which means you should be covered whether you lose office furniture or inventory.

Workers Comp Protection: If you have employees who help you install window shutters on homes and businesses, workers comp is an essential component of your window shutter installer insurance policy. This is the coverage that will pay for the medical treatment that employees may need if they ever injure themselves on the job. In this industry, workers comp can apply to employees whether they are hurt while they are stocking shutters in your office or installing them on a house. It will pay for everything from an ambulance ride to the hospital to any bills from the emergency room or doctor. It can even apply to rehabilitation and missed wages when employees need long-term care and cannot work for a while.

Umbrella/Excess Liability: General liability is an important coverage to have when you get window shutter installer insurance, but you can do even more to protect your business. In particular, you can improve the amount it will cover by adding excess liability. This way, if there is ever an incident on your property that injures a lot of people or does a lot of damage to personal belongings, you’ll know your window shutter installer insurance policy has you covered.