Window Cleaner General Liability Insurance

Window cleaners and owners of window cleaning businesses often have very hectic schedules and a lot of responsibility. Managing the daily needs of a successful business can be stressful, and you’re tasked with making sure your clients are happy with your services as well. Aside from keeping customers happy you must also keep them safe, and protect your company from financial problems when accidents arise. Help yourself to run your business smoothly by carrying general liability insurance for window cleaners.

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Bodily Injury Coverage

Bodily injury insurance pays for a customer’s hospital, emergency care or ongoing medical bills if they are ever injured because of your company. This section of your window cleaners general liability insurance pays the bills that arise so that your company does not have to pay for them directly. Having this coverage can also protect you from large expensive lawsuits as well.

Property Damage Coverage

If your window cleaners company or one of the company employees damages a customer’s property, your company will have to pay for those repairs. The property damages portion of your window cleaners general liability insurance is designed to protect you from having to pay those expenses when accidents happen. If, for example, one of your window cleaners accidentally drops heavy items and damages an expensive hardwood floor, property damages will pay to have that floor repaired or replaced.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

General liability insurance for window cleaner protects you if someone is harmed because of products you sold or services that you provided. If, for example, you complete a window cleaning job for your client and they later claim that the cleaning solution your employees used scratched their windows, then they may sue your company. Products and completed operations is the section of your coverage that can pay for those lawsuits, damages and settlements.

Personal And Advertising Injury

Not all claims of harm and damages has to do with bodily injuries or property damages. If a customer, supplier, competitor or otherwise files allegations against your company with claims of personal harm or advertising harm, your company will have to defend itself. For example, a customer may sue you because your company used their name or slogan in your advertising materials without permission. Other examples include allegations of libel, defamation or slander. Your window cleaner general liability insurance policy includes this coverage to help protect you if these issues arise.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

Rental premises damages coverage is the section of your window cleaners general liability insurance that provides protection for the building or structure that your company rents or leases. When you do not own the building or property that you use for business purposes, this part of your insurance can protect the rental in the event that damages such as flood or fire occur.

Medical Expense Limit

When minor physical injuries happen to a client at your business location or around your company’s job site, you can sometimes deflect larger lawsuits and expenses by offering to pay for the small medical expenses instead. Medical expense limit is the section of your window cleaners general liability insurance policy that allows this to happen. It helps pay for small medical costs even when your company is not at fault for any injuries.

Limits Of Liability Insurance

  • Each Occurrence – Your general liability policy limits the total amount of benefits paid to a person based on individual occurrences of claims.
  • General Aggregate – A general aggregate amount is the total benefits your policy will pay regardless of how many occurrences of claims there are. Once the total aggregate limit is met, a general liability policy is exhausted and cannot pay additional claims.