Professional Liability Insurance for Trainer

Professional trainers provide service to number of different types of clients with specialized services. Personal trainers help people get into shape or prepare for a marathon for example, while business trainers may prepare an executive to take over as a corporate CEO. Regardless of who your clients are and what type of training services you offer, making mistakes can have catastrophic results. Protect yourself from these risks with trainers professional liability insurance.

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Professional Liability

Trainers professional liability insurance is meant to help protect you if you make a professional mistake that causes harm, injury, property damages or financial losses. Another name for this coverage is E & O, or Errors and Omissions. Customers file lawsuits against you when they think you have caused them harm. Even if you have not made any mistakes, you still must spend time and money legally defending yourself when allegations arise.

For example, a personal trainer may have a marathon runner as a client. If the client gets an injury that forces him to bow out of a big race that he was expected to win, he may sue you for the medical bills that come up to treat the injury as well as the potential lost prize money. Whether you actually did something wrong that caused his injury is beside the point. Without trainers professional liability insurance you will have to pay for all of your legal costs and associated expenses personally.

With trainers professional liability coverage, depending upon the scope of protection you choose, your legal expenses will be paid for by your policy. The policy can also pay for your own losses in income due to time spent handling the lawsuit and it can pay for your client’s legal settlements or awards when applicable.